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Re: [destroy_evil] Voice of Ego or Intuition?

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  • shari march
    I would say that we sometimes associate our purpose with what we do physically, which is difficult not to of course, but our existence of thought is what is
    Message 1 of 3 , May 27, 2013
      I would say that we sometimes associate our purpose with what we do physically, which is difficult not to of course, but our existence of thought is what is most important. We cannot rid any realm of evil, we can only do that within ourselves, and therefore reflect such wisdom outward.

      The vids are nice. She seems whole and intuitive; offers some good advise for those seeking some understanding. Unfortunately, her voice will be wasted on many who use her channel as an outlet to express misogyny and other types of hate. That is why I do not allow comments on my page, for the limited vids I have. Those who would be supportive, already understand for the most part.

      I hope your travels are safe.    

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      Subject: [destroy_evil] Voice of Ego or Intuition?


      A friend showed me another of her videos about how to change your beliefs,
      and I finally watched that one and started to watch more of her
      "controversial" videos. Glad I did. Thanks.

      I can align what she says in this video with my own experiences of ego and
      intuition. But that's just me... :)

      Another video she has with "What is 2012" or something like that is short
      and rings true with my own experiences. You align your thoughts with the
      frequency of fear, evil, etc and you attract like. Align with love and you
      attract like. To Destroy Evil, you must nourish Love. Don't water the
      poison ivy with your energy of thought and actions, but water what you
      desire and the poison ivy will wilt. But there are those that deliberately
      water poisonous modes of reality and those must be destroyed, yes.. it's
      quite a conundrum. "are you saying to ignore evil and focus on love?" That
      would be foolish from certain perspectives, I agree. If you are unaware of
      demonic influence, it will have control over you and society. Ignorance is
      not bliss. It is true hell in my opinion. If you are ignorant you are being
      manipulated, and/or if you are ignorant of the power of Love, Self and
      Desire. Then I suggest the idea that you are in hell. Awareness is the
      opposite of ignorance. Ignorance is giving your power to other sources
      other than True Self and you are perpetuating others' deliberate choices in
      maintaining this reality that is not fixed. I sense that is why most people
      are soulless. They weren't doing anything deliberate and their power was
      being swayed to nefarious ways. And we can't have that. I have strong
      emotions to not allow that. I am sure this is in alignment with the purpose
      of the culling. This is just my belief. Everything you do deliberately is
      powerful. Imagine if we all deliberately aligned with our true desires and
      not ego. Imagine if those desires were in resonance with each other! What
      chance does a demon have in that(let's make it this) reality? Not a chance
      in heaven. I do not desire to live in hell. Do you? I do not welcome hell
      into my life. But that doesn't mean taking deliberate action against a
      nefarious oppressor can't be done in a state of happiness. It's perspective
      and belief..

      Diminishing evil while ignoring the power of Self and Love is.. well
      retarded. Evil continues to grab your attention so it may live. It is a
      parasite. There are many cases where a state of mental well being have
      diminished and sometimes altogether eliminated physical ailments. I am sure
      that analogy can be applied to many aspects of your reality.

      A thought which I have been living by, to my detriment, is that I cannot
      bring about the solutions until the problem with this reality is fixed. The
      solution would be threatened by the problem that continues to exist. But
      that is a paradox, because the solution occurs during the problem. Waiting
      for "my time" to come is a belief that has prolonged the inevitable. That I
      will do what I set out in my desires to do. Resolve and deliberation will
      win over misconceptions that I must wait for my time. My time is NOW. WHILE
      I AM ALIVE AND CONTINUE TO LIVE. Otherwise I allot my power of creation to
      others with my disinterest in mind while I wait for them to go away. Would
      I wait for my car to run into a tree before I turn the steering wheel? Not
      if I have the ability to do something about it.

      Back to the video link of Ego and Intuition. I am using myself as an
      example because it is the best way I know how when I say the following.. I
      have egocentrically been believing I have to create so much flare and flash
      to solidify my individuality to prove to others who I am. In what I say and
      do. That includes caring what you all think of me. "oh, Bal's making a
      difference." "that's Bal!" Pfft.. To be honest, from that perspective,
      being out here on the road causes me no happiness. From a desire to change
      this reality into something I desire brings me happiness. I want to be
      happy. Driving a truck to gift orgonite and "change the world" to validate
      my individual ego is not conducive to happiness. But when I perceive the
      positive outcomes of gifting, I align myself with that and it brings me
      happiness. When I do that, my mood can sometimes actually affect the
      orgonite's activities. My intuition doesn't seem to be affected by fear,
      and so I now see I have been living my life mostly egocentrically in some
      form of illogical fear and confusion.

      Apologies for the long read. I am not perfect. Or am I... Hahaha.. who
      cares? Ego does.

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    • loohon
      I disagree. We have rid many higher realms of evil.
      Message 2 of 3 , May 27, 2013
        I disagree. We have rid many higher realms of evil.

        --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, shari march <shari_march@...> wrote:
        > We cannot rid any realm of evil,
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