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Re: Deswitching

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  • loohon
    http://loohan.com/PRGsphere.jpg Feels awesome.
    Message 1 of 3 , May 11 3:14 PM
      Feels awesome.

      --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, "loohon" <dogwood57@...> wrote:
      > BTW there is a gal on ebay that sells titanium shavings by the oz. Not cheap, but titanium is light.
      > If one could find titanium powder (i have not), that would work too.
      > Ilmenite or rutile will not work for this.
      > Shungite powder can be added in as well with the shavings. This will change the energy "feel".
      > --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, "loohon" <dogwood57@> wrote:
      > >
      > > http://www.deswitch.com/
      > > I tried the 1st set of exercises and didn't notice anything much from them, but some of you may want to experiment and see if it helps.
      > >
      > > Also the intensely expensive little cones have a nice energy.
      > > I haven't made any yet, but i have the impression that The Committee can program resin with titanium shavings to a similar program/function. Any shape or size mold.
      > > I do have some titanium shavings and will try this soon.
      > >
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