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Re: Milo update and detox info

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  • loohon
    Yes. I have the vaccine-induced Aspie mutation but seem to pretty much have gotten over the symptoms. Also i am subject to constant demonic/ET attacks, so i
    Message 1 of 3 , May 3, 2013
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      Yes. I have the vaccine-induced Aspie mutation but seem to pretty much have gotten over the symptoms.
      Also i am subject to constant demonic/ET attacks, so i need to maximize my physical health to resist damage.

      One thing that i have heard a lot from my contacts in Nigeria as well as elsewhere is that the shapeshifting black magicians will induce sugar cravings in their victims. Often mid-night snacking of sweets and junk starch.

      Most commercial honey is adulterated with HFCS etc.
      Real honey has some good qualities, but you don't want to eat much of that either. I often eat 1 tsp if i wake up in the middle of the night, to help me relax back to sleep. That's all.

      I have eliminated sweeteners otherwise. No more dried fruits, Sucanat, etc.
      And all grains. Modern wheat, especially, is poison.
      I was eating a few organic potatoes a week until recently when, oddly, i lost all appetite even for potatoes! I wasn't even trying to eliminate potatoes.
      So i eat almost no carbs except for the lactose in raw milk. And when i can grow them, summer squash, berries, and a few other fruit. Occasional beans.

      I notice lately that my nails have started growing 2-3X as fast as they used to, at age 59.
      I pretty much follow Mercola's dietary advices, except i don't eat as much raw produce, given that i have access to plentiful quality raw milk.

      I guess i am lucky in that i am not prone to addictions. Wheat and sugar are very addictive to many people.

      Really it has gotten to the point in this country where you almost have to be part of a permaculture community to be able to eat right.
      Even country fresh free-range eggs are usually fed GMO corn. If you buy commercial organic chicken, it is still sopping wet like it has been injecte with liquids. And in the US you can't buy any chicken or turkey, even organic, that has not been bred so that 50% of its meat is dry, tasteless, breast meat.

      --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, Cosmic Bal <cosmicbal@...> wrote:
      > I did some searching and people with Autistic children get zeolites and
      > their speech improves. People with Asperger's use that stuff according to
      > general web search of "Natural Cellular Defense Autism".
      > I can tell you when I eat something bad/unhealthy, I will be so affected by
      > it that I become completely miserable. Also toxins act as a carrier for
      > xmtrs(heavy metal toxicity will increase Xmtr damages. I know this from
      > personal experience..) heavy metal, sugar, that corn syrup bull s***..
      > anger and discontent overwhelm me..
      > Anyway, I will try this stuff. The cleaner my system becomes, the less of
      > an effect attacks of all kinds have on me. Even demons. Every time I eat
      > something sugary, I open myself up to demonic attack. Every time.. I am
      > dead serious. Sugar should be banned. I don't even know if Honey is safe,
      > but I still use it. I guess I'll toss it out.
      > I did some reading on Asperger's and Autism and there is a lot on the blood
      > brain barrier being messed up from heavy metal poisoning, etc. Hudla Clark
      > touches on this. Remove the toxins, heal the blood brain barrier, possible
      > healing of Asperger's.. just a theory. But I can never get that done
      > because it takes time to heal and I am always [in]voluntarily being
      > introduced to new toxins every week. Very hard in today's society.
      > That stuff is expensive, but I think it's worth it.
      > On May 2, 2013 7:53 AM, "shari_march" <shari_march@...> wrote:
      > > **
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