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  • cosmicbal
    I was day dreaming about how DNA is a holographic blueprint of the whole(supposedly). And I was also thinking along the lines of something I got from Dan
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2012
      I was day dreaming about how DNA is a holographic blueprint of the whole(supposedly). And I was also thinking along the lines of something I got from Dan Winter's stuff about how matter is a hologram with a weight problem.

      At the same time I was thinking this I was thinking about how one could teleport as the Venusians can. I remember reading somewhere on Loohan's blog a link he posted that discussed how a Venusian disassembled his material body and transported outside of the Military Facility. What can move through walls? What is not altered by ordinary matter? Neutrons and/or Neutrinos. W/e they are, they are not subject to the laws of "physics".

      Etheric/Astral beings can move about, teleport and do all kinds of things. Sometimes even moving down into the physical plane and then going back up. A Venusian man can teleport, from a physical body at a physical location to another.

      The day dream idea that came to mind was that perhaps Neutrons/Neutrinos are the holographic blueprint of atomic matter. Perhaps it is possible to associate the mind and all that you are with the Neutrons and phase your physical body into the aether at one location, move your neutrino blueprint and all that that entails to another location and re-atomize the body around the framework of the Neutron DNA thing.

      I'm just throwing this out to hopefully create a discussion and cross reference any ideas anyone reading this might have.


      Also, another theory is that in order to phase out, physically, into the etheric level, the cells of the physical body must raise their Bio-frequency to a point where it is no longer subject to physical laws. Hyper-dimensional atomic structure where the cells of the body are stable under the guidance of the mind/soul.

      Just theories..

      But I am interested in the whole "raising the frequency" of the body. This means a complete bodily cleanse and rework of diet. You build a starship or house out of crappy materials you're gonna have crap. The driver may be superb, but the vehicle is... lacking.. :(

      One thing that could overcome the inability of such an easy method of diet and change of the structure in which you reside is to change it with will power more so than anything else. Where there's a will, there's a way. Will Power and Intent will be Hard Work! Nothing worth having is easy to come by. At first. Enlightenment and Evolution is increasing speed at exponential levels when you allow it and stop blocking it with low vibe thoughts, emotions, objects or surroundings. Will Power can change the neutrons to a more hospitable form, I believe. Or at least help expel the garbage from the body.

      Regardless of whether these theories are correct are irrelevant if you just want to be healthy, raise up and be strong.

      Do everything that is beneficial, and along the line dropping the ways that become obsolete to better ways as the body "ascends" in it's Bio-Energetic Frequencies [ref:Hulda Clark]

      Do NOTHING that lowers the vibration. Divorce all that lowers you. Destroy it, drop it, quit it, or whatever you gotta do. If your goal is to raise your frequency, become fractal, or whatever aim of Light you have, stop all lowly actions, ways and thoughts that lower you.

      You could continue to do and be all the things that are of a lower vibration, but that's just gonna mean you will need a LOT more power of Will and intention to overcome them. Theoretically. I haven't put half of this to practice yet.

      I can say that the last time I charged up and did some energy work, the toxins that were anchoring my vibes and energy down in my body became expelled quite rapidly and painlessly. Much faster than waiting it out. I've experienced a few of my theories first hand. I'd like to experience the teleportation thing :D

      Will Power, Hard Work and Harmony. Hope my theories may enable you, those of Light.
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