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Re: An awakening is coming soon.

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  • raypsi.m0nkey
    There is sum thing going down, they use the 21st as the day but NASA released their video about the day after, 12/22/12, on 12/13/12. All in all it s year 2000
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 15, 2012
      There is sum thing going down, they use the 21st as the day but NASA released their video about the day after, 12/22/12, on 12/13/12. All in all it's year 2000 all over again.

      I heard a joke about a guy said he was taking a rocket to sol, he was asked how you going to get there without being burnt up. Yeah he was going at night time.

      Was a sign to me to go to sol, for 2 nights I visited, projecting infinite love. The third night I went to the Moon. Lots of bag wicked entities there so I projected infinite love there, machines don't like infinite love. Not to mention the reps there also. Next morning I got a flat tire then came down with sciatica which put me down for 4 weeks.

      I know sum thing is going to happen nobody will see it coming alot of souls will be leaving this planet. Reminds me of Boxing day 2004, tsunami.

      --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, "generaloflight1111" <generaloflight1111@...> wrote:
      > I appologize for not being more active these last weeks.
      > My life has dealt me a few blows as of late.
      > I have lost faith a few times but am glad to say that I have regained it.
      > I can see things a little more clearly now. I believe that an awakening is coming.
      > I believe that on the 21st of this month at 11:11 light particles will be accelerated towards our planet like never before.
      > We will all benefit from this. The higher we are vibrationaly the better off we will be.
      > What does all this mean in terms of the physical/mental?
      > Increased psychic abilities, increased physical abilities and the such.
      > This is going to happen to all of us.
      > The key here I think, is to have ourselves so "awake" that we reap many more benefits than the average person.
      > What does being awake mean?
      > It means being pure.
      > Pure of mind.
      > Pure of body.
      > Pure of soul.
      > Being pure of mind means being positive.
      > Think of good things and then act on them.
      > Being pure of body means being free of chemicals and such.
      > Do cleanses soon. Gotto a sauna. Get those toxins out!
      > Being pure of soul can be easy because
      > if you are reading this and thinking, "How can I make things better for others?"
      > you are definately pure.
      > Bad people never contemplate helping others, only themselves.
      > However, we ALL fall off from time to time yet you know that you are still in the game if you still consider how to make things better for others.
      > Raise your vibrations and reap the benefits for the world.
      > Do this before the 21st of this month and I believe the results will be spectacular.
      > The fight is far from over,
      > we are winning this though.
      > We will never stop until this world is won for the light.
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