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Re: Goetia-powered agnihotra

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  • loohon
    Another Goetia agnihotra bunch: http://www.rootsbranchesnstems.com/ ... here. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2006
      Another Goetia agnihotra bunch:

      --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, "loohon" <dogwood57@...> wrote:
      > I have just discovered a widespread cult of darksiders who have
      > perverted agnihotra with Goetic magic. Lots of heavy Masons included
      > Many of the people linked to from the following sites are benign. I
      > have pretty much ferreted out who is evil:
      > http://www.homatherapy.org/
      > Not much of a website, but the people depicted, as well as those who
      > own and run it, all have the evil vibe. I find 3 Freemasons associated
      > with this of degrees 158, 155, 153.
      > http://www.tapovan.net/agnihotra/homa_farms.htm
      > The people listed under Spain, Austria, France, Turkey, and India are
      > all evil Goetia-sucking scum.
      > http://www.terapiahoma.com/
      > Depicts large covens composed 100% of darksiders.
      > shows the author who channels the Orion Transmissions, which promote
      > agnihotra.
      > She styles herself Parvati, and at first i thought there is no
      > connection. The real goddess Parvati has always had a very sweet vibe
      > whenever i have checked. However, now that i scrutinize more deeply, i
      > see she is a green pulsar, the same one running this gal. Pulsars can
      > make themselves give off sweet vibes at will, as i have encountered
      > with the yellows and blues as well. Nonetheless when i first came upon
      > this site, this author was DORy, despite the fact that the name
      > Parvati was sweet.
      > I am having some problems understanding why pulsars are cooperating
      > with archons in this cult. I dowse 16 more greens associated with this
      > cult as humans, though most of the group is archon-run.
      > In any case one of the handy things about evil pulsars is that they
      > are instantly imprisonable, even when running a human body, unlike
      > archons. So i have the 17 imprisoned now and will continue to monitor
      > for any new ones. Not sure if these people will drop dead or what.
      > They have a null vibe right now. They were formerly DORy.
      > I have been trying to round up all the evil pulsars. Just now i went
      > after "all evil pulsars running human bodies anywhere" as omitting the
      > last 3 words there leaves stones unturned. I picked up thousands more.
      > This process need to be repeated a few times, as new ones rush into
      > some of the bodies.
      > Otherwise i have not taken time from my busy shredding schedule to
      > address this cult, as there are matters of considerably greater urgency.
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