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Re: Emergency

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  • loohon
    She has a lot of healers around her in the astral.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 15, 2012
      She has a lot of healers around her in the astral.

      --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, "generaloflight1111" <generaloflight1111@...> wrote:
      > My heart goes out to you Tam as well as your friend. Much love and light is sent to you and yours. I can tell you are trying your best to help your friend and I respect and honor you for that. My best advice would be to petition our top astral/etheric warriors for help because it sounds like she is getting attacked on another level. I know for a fact that Loohan is very powerful when it comes to this stuff and I have just confirmed in the last 2 days that emeraldsquidhunter@... is very powerful as well when it comes to shredding the lowly ones and making a real difference. Trust and believe that these good souls can and will make a big difference. You do have allies that love you and your friend. I know it is very hard to get through to someone on a physical/3D level but you just have to hold faith in your heart that when they are no longer accosted from a non-physical enemy then they will be more receptive to listening to the truth that you have to tell them.
      > I really do wish I could help more. There really are alot of people here that want to help and hopefully they will give you words of advice to lessen this bullshit.
      > --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, "tameraamberrose2" <tameraamberrose2@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello,
      > > I will be answering emails soon.
      > > Right now my best friend, in Carlsbad, California, in suicidal.
      > > Her name if TARA. She is Celtic and has been my soul friend forever.
      > > I have no way to get to her, and must call in reinforcements.
      > > She lived 2 houses down from me in that "elite" neighborhood and has been through terrible stuff with her family predominately in Rancho Bernardo, California. She has been away from that for years. Her adult daughter Shannon, refuses to try and heal, and has been terrible to her mom. Now, she just turned her beloved son Daniel away from his mom with a complete lie. I don't know what the motives are, but I don't think they are still associated with the past abusers, because the head one died in prison a few years ago.
      > > My Anam Cara TARA is exhausted and suicidal.
      > > She has a young son (6th grade) living with her, and her ex husband is there, only to take care of the young son and share expenses. Even that may not be enough because she is exhausted from so many illnesses and is ready to give up.
      > > I want her to be able to come stay with me, if possible, for at least a week. I have no finances and either does she to do this.
      > > Even if not, she needs darkness broken around her and energy support.
      > > She's sleeping right now.
      > > Thank you for your help.
      > >
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