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Re: A message for the alliance

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  • loohon
    This guy is for real. We have taken out some amazing stuff in his neighborhood.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23, 2012
      This guy is for real. We have taken out some amazing stuff in his neighborhood.

      --- In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, "generaloflight1111" <generaloflight1111@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself to the group.
      > My name is Matthew and I am an Indigo warrior of light who is here to help out, learn and guide as much as I can. I have been struggling for over 10 years now with the spoiled brats/dark siders around my area. I am finally at a place now where I can actually think and formulate strategies (after orgoniting the hell out of my house of course) :)
      > I am in a great position to run very effective gifting and other such campaigns in my area. I am skilled at self defense combat, information procurement, surveillance and a few others that I won't post here. :)
      > People have recently been drawn to me in my area that are extremely skilled in psychic discernment, remote viewing, healing, numerology, dowsing and psychically seeing energy patterns (there is a name for this that escapes me at the moment but she can see the way the orgone energy flows when she holds different pieces of organite).
      > I feel like my army of light is finally coming together and I'm getting really excited and inspired all the time now!
      > Loohan told me that I may wish to talk to/meet his buddy Thorp as it seems that we have alot in common on the 3d aspect of this war and I do look forward to communicating with him.
      > Regarding the etheric side of this war, I have been told that I have a few badass allies that are always around me. One is my former brother in law and the other is still unknown to me at this time. The more and more I look into just what my brother in law became after his death it seems that he is what is called a silent watcher, (which is pretty kick ass if you know about them!)
      > So good luck to all of you my brothers an sisters! Much love and light sent your way! Keep up the good fight and I look forward to communicating/working with you on many good things!
      > -Matthew
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