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    Om Shree!   No fear, no anxiety no danger of judgment. Freedom ever freedom.  Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj It is about time we got this newsletter
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      Om Shree!

      "No fear, no anxiety no danger of judgment.
      Freedom ever freedom."�Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

      It is about time we got this newsletter out to you..
      If you cannot see the newsletter attached in the mail...
      click on this link http://www.agnihotrausa.net/Dharma_Soorya-November2008.htm

      If you like a schedule for the upcoming year 2009 send an email to yogini@...

      �All Love!
      In Grace!


      In This Issue:

      1.Holiday Greetings

      2.FFP activities-pictures

      3.Agnihotra mantra-refresh meaning

      4. Energy around agnihotra pyramid

      5. FFP disciplines-let go

      6. Points to ponder
      Steps towards goal
      Self development

      7. FFP outreach

      8. Seat of eternal religion- S.K.Kulkarni

      9. Perform Agnihotra

      10. Agnihotra ash medicine book-Monika Koch

      11. Listen VedaMantras

      12. Editors Note

      How to Perform Agnihotra

      Listen to vedic chants...

      Editor's Note:

      On�my first�visit to India more than 30 years ago, a small group of us from the West were invited to spend time with Param Sadguru Shree, and we were met�with the following greeting by Him:

      "Seven children now have come, all will follow only one,

      Seven days and�seven rays".

      Being in His presence was an overwhelmingly joyful and�breath-taking�experience as if, in His light, one was happily floating on air,�with no needs, no wants, no cares, and all there remained was a perfect state of complete bliss and love.

      After once again returning to the U.S., we received cassette tapes with the following greeting from Him:

      "Travellers on the Fivefold Path, Kingdom of Heaven is nearing now".

      "We are holding your hand. Our grip is not loose."

      "A scientific fact can be established by all possible methods. If only one person sees it, it could be an illusion. But, when two or more people experience identical visions, then it is the Truth!"

      Read e-book by Pharm. Monika Koch to prepare
      Agnihotra Ash Medicine

      "One can reach the superlative state of mind merely by practicing Agnihotra."

      "If you habitually speak the truth, then, whatever you utter would also turn out to be the truth. The demands of Dharma are rigorous. Before you talk, you must carefully weigh your words. If you habitually speak the truth, then when you speak, there is the power of the Almighty behind your words." �

      Lord Parashuram

      �When you forgive some one for his/her trespasses, The Almighty would forgive you. .�

      �...help arrange a gathering of whatever size please contact: yogini@...

      ����� ���
      �Vol 2�� Issue 2�������������� Perform Agnihotra
      for individual and universal wellbeing - www.agnihotrausa.net


      We are omnipresent.
      We are as near as your skin.
      We are holding back the current from engulfing the world.
      We are holding back the current
      with one gaze only.

      Our Presence is within you.
      Those who come with you,
      those who follow after you.
      We are with you in all forms.
      Come deeper and deeper into Us.
      The Oneness which you seek
      is only a breath away.

      Blessings and love to all.
      OM TAT SAT

      Divine inspirations from Param Sadguru Shree:

      Shree, about 5' 5" tall, medium built, his fair complexion reminded one of shining gold. His eyes were clear, black, but deep like sea. He always wore that attractive and divine smile. His piercing eyes could reach the secret recesses of anyone's heart. He looked calm and meditative in deep silence. His personality was affectionate and at the same time awesome.
      Shree's daily routine was a paragon of punctuality and strict discipline. It was His custom to see that everything was placed in its respective place. He liked these objects being kept precisely in their proper place with out deviating even by an inch. He recognized the importance of time and was extremely punctual.
      He always woke up in early morning at four without the help of an alarm-clock. He went-through the daily activities exactly at their scheduled times with the precision of even seconds. The punctuality practiced in Agnihotra could be witnessed in His every step.

      Five Fold Path Activities

      Texas, USA

      Agnihotra Retreat in Texas:
      It was a residential program with participants from varous places. Program started with 5am yajnya and meditation. After the meditation we went into the pranayam, surya namaskar and then agnihotra, sprinkled with talks in between, followed by lunch and individual sessions with participants.

      Evening yajnya, agnihotra and meditation, followed later by questions and answer session. Practice of Hatha yoga including various bandha and mudra with the science of yoga. The science of pran and meditation were taught with practicals throughout the event. IT was a joyous rejuvenating experience to integrate into daily life.

      Chicago, USA

      Chicago : Several talks, workshops and healing sessions were held in various places throughout Chicago hosted by the Bodepudi family. Managing editor of NRI magazine, Madhubhai, Ram and Syam Arabindi families, Nandam, Kachru and Norton families actively participated in these events

      Detroit, USA

      Detroit: Several talks, healing sessions based on five fold path regarding healing of the self and the universe hosted by Rajeev and Anjali Bhalerao

      Montana, USA

      Montana Retreat: In the beautiful setting of the mountains series of talks regarding self - unfoldment were conducted with active participation from all the attendees. Many thanks to Gia Coombs and Dr. Neil Patel for bringing it all together.

      Yajnya being conducted in the snow in the mountain top of Yellow Stone park as Gia Coombs holds the umbrella to protect the fire from the falling snow and Neil Patel performs the yajnya.

      Houston, USA

      Navartri Yajnya was actively participated by Br. Bhasa Chaitanya and many spiritual seekers in Texas

      Albuquerque, USA

      Albuquerque, New Mexico
      Dr. Laad and Ellie Hadsall warmly welcomed with many healing sessions, talks and yajnyas at various places including� Maria Rathner's and Ivy Amar in Santa Fe.

      Bear Heart, Marcellus Williams, served for 7 years as a member of� the advisory board at Johns Hopkin's School of Medicine. He is a multi tribal spiritual leader of the Muskogee Nation Creek.

      Bear Heart, exchanged gifts and sits with his feathers, fans the fire and chants as Agnihotra, Tryambakai, Rudra and Shrisukta performed along with many that attended.�

      Jalna, India

      Satish Mulay and Kiran Sirjoshi actively conduct regular monthly sessions

      Agnihotra Mantra - Refresh your mantra chant - listen closely ...

      �Word for word meaning does not give the purport of the mantras. When the mantras are chanted� in the meter in which they are composed, by Supreme Grace the inherent meaning and the power and vibrations impact the entire creation where the healing occurs at the grass roots level in the subtlest manner.� This power of the mantra is locked into the ashes that develop in the fire upon the oblations. These vibrations pulsate the entire universe in a profound and subtle way, but with sure impact and effect.� It is like the fragrance and beauty that is in the flower, the flower is in the form of a bud. By grace it radiates all its beauty and joy for the good of the entire universe when mantras are chanted.

      Evening Agnihotra mantra:
      Agnaye swa�h�,�

      Morning Agnihotra mantra:
      Soory�ya sw�ah�,�

      Agnaye idam na mama

      Soory�ya idam na mama

      Praj�pataye swa�h�,�

      Praj�pataye sw�ah�,�

      Praj�pataye idam na mama

      Praj�pataye idam na mama

      Unto the fire I am offering all.� This

      Unto the sun I am offering this offering,

      offering is not mine it is Thine.

      This is not mine...This is Thine�

      Agnaye �


      Soory�ya �






      Agnaye �


      Soory�ya �


      idam � this

      idam ��


      na mama � not mine

      na mama �� not mine

      praj�- � all the living

      praj� � all the living

      pataye � The Lord

      pataye � the Lord



      swaha, � offering

      praj� � all the living

      praj� � all the living


      �The Lord�

      pataye � the Lord

      idam �� this

      idam � this

      na mama �� not mine

      na mama �� not mine
      The word Soorya refers to an aspect of Almighty power, the Creator. Etymologically, �SOO� means to give birth to, to create. Prajapati means Lord of Creation, another aspect of Almighty power. The words Soorya, Prajapati and Agni all refer to The Almighty.
      On uttering the word Swaaha and putting the offering in the fire, a phenomenal nourishing and energizing impact is created on the entire life & creation. Idam Na Mama means, �Not mine but Thine.
      Accented "�" is pronounced as the �a� in father. Unaccented "a" is pronounced as the 'a' in mature.

      Energy around Agnihotra Pyramid:

      A magnetic type field is created which neutralizes negative energy or vibrations and reinforces positive energy or vibrations. This extends to the persons who perform the agnihotra ceremony. The positive influence penetrates the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual planes. Subtle energies are created by the rhythmical chanting of the Vedic mantras during the ceremony which spread the purifying as well as healing energies far and wide beyond the horizons.
      Plants placed in a room where vibrations of agnihotra ceremony are maintained, such plants receive nutrition from agnihotra atmosphere and seem to be happy and grow well. They seem to thrive better than those plants not under the agnihotra sphere of influence. Just as agnihotra gives nourishment to plants, it provides the same for human life and also for animal life.
      Many people on all continents belonging to different races, languages, religions and spiritual groups who practice agnihotra have observed that simply by performing daily homa (i.e. agnihotra at sunrise/sunset) they feel as if a protective film surrounds them. The ashes from the agnihotra fire are charged with special potencies. Sprinkling of the ashes on the perimeter of your property affords protective influences.
      The agnihotra ash is the basic substance used for the preparation of all agnihotra medicines, for external as well as for internal use.
      Agnihotra medical preparations include agnihotra powder, capsules, ointment, cream, eyedrops, suppositories and agnihotra ash added to hot steaming water for inhalation purposes

      Five Fold Path disciplines - Let Go...

      Wise are the ones that learn from mistakes or their own experiences that are born out of their own misperceptions and self-perceptions. When one goes through life experiences, it is difficult to understand what The Divine is trying to make folks understand and realize. This happens because we are so much anchored in expectations, judgments (even of the self), attachments and our own Ego of which our pride is a very small expression of the self as perceived by each one.

      When one lets go of the root cause of fear or anger (invariably it is always present in the above four), then one has less baggage to carry. Every soul is carrying so much of this baggage that it wears out every one. How heavy is the weight and how heavy is the toll!!

      Hence ' Let go, Let go' and every step will be so easy and blissful!

      As one peels a banana to get to the pulp, if similarly one were to peel off the human skin, still the imbedded sanskaras of 'Ego' and attachments, expectations could not be purged. Then The Divine creates such circumstances that there is no choice but to let go of the root cause. Hence it is best face problems and fears and, 'take the bull by the horn' so to speak. Learn from that and then one moves up one more level and closer by one more step. Thus problems are to be faced courageously and faithfully and they will always be a blessing.

      All the impurities and impediments need to be removed to achieve Total Surrender which an average 'Jiva" on his or her own will not be able to achieve without the Grace Of The Divine.

      Life experiences are a learning course. Virtuous are the ones who learn and live this way so that the journey becomes shorter with their joy ever expanding.

      Points to Ponder - Shree Suta

      Step towards your goal:

      Do not wear any guilt nor any one else's guilt or problems.
      Be strong yet at least modest ( which you are ) -wash it off your mind's screen. Believe in yourself.
      You are not guilty nor are you a 'poor me'.
      You do not need to justify to anyone anything. Eventually the message will get across and then you can still nourish and build a healthy relationship with mutual respect honor and fulfillment.
      It is you who decides and determines how people treat you.

      If you agree and it helps you then you must wear it. Putting it on the wall will constantly remind you. In self evolution mere wishful thinking will be of little help. It is taking every step with confidence and courage that will move you forward towards your goal.

      Self - development:

      In regards to the seeming inability to focus on getting work accomplished, we must reiterate our warning to all seekers. This is a time when extreme measures are often required in order to fulfill the same task which took much less time and effort in the past. The energies on this planet are in another state than they once were.

      Time has accelerated. Frequency levels are shifting constantly. This is apt to cause such issues as inability to concentrate, lesser attention span, inability to shift into a state of meditation with ease and so on.

      In those whose sensitivities are sharper due to being in more purified atmospheres, the effect can even be greater.

      One need take extreme measures to combat energy drain from the chaos in the world outside.

      1. One must begin to practice one�s meditation with increased regularity. Be sure there is clean environment where breathing techniques are practiced and in particular, where Agnihotra and other sacred fires are performed.

      2. When one is blessed with personal MANTRA one need make greater effort to practice chanting same in privacy of one�s own home, own room. One may speak the Mantra out loud if alone and otherwise in silence, frequently.

      3. One may inculcate times of silence, minimum two consecutive hours per day is a good start. Use this time for reflection and for observation of self.

      On a practical level, other than practicing periods of silence and intensifying practice of chanting personal Mantra, we would say pour your energy into the work for which you have come.

      4. Take sufficient walks in Nature. Breathe deeply as you walk. Focus on gratitude and express this gratitude aloud.

      5. Replace all negative statements with ones of hope, whether or not you are fully convinced of it.

      This is your self-development. It is like clearing the brush so that one�s garden can grow. Be brave. Live to serve ALMIGHTY.

      �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ...... Shree Suta

      Five Fold Path Outreach

      � We are making every effort to bring Agnihotra healing sessions to your neighborhood.
      �If you can help arrange a gathering of whatever size,� for a workshop, talks, yajnya or healing session, please contact yogini@... for immediate response�


      Seat of Eternal Religion - S. K. Kulkarni

      Shri Swami Samartha
      ����� (Original Picture)

      Param Sadguru
      Shree Gajanan Maharaj

      Akkalkot, a small town in Maharasthtra, is today well-known as the seat of eternal religion as ordained by the Vedas. The story, hereafter, will unfold why of it.

      Till 1748 A.D. the town was little known in other words we find references to Akkalkot in modern history since 1748. In that year, it emerged as the Capital of the state of Akkalkot. The Great Maratha Ruler Chhatrapati Shahu of Satara adopted Phatehsing Bhosale as his son and gave him Akkalkot Tehsil - as it is known today, as a Jahagir.� We find references to this town, in the records of Maratha Rulers as well as in a bunch of historical letters of the period.� In a way, it was a small princely state. And it remained so, throughout, the British Period and a little beyond, (i.e. till 1948). But in the year, 1856-57, a turning point came. A really significant event took place. And due to that the town became known throught India.

      The great sage, and known as the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey, Shri Swami Samarth came to Akkalkot in that year.� Samarth is not a proper noun.� Samarth means powerful. And the epithet "Samarth" was given to Swami in recognition of His spiritual powers.� Devotes began to call Him as Shri Swami Samarth.� His real name, in a way remains unknown.� Though sometimes He referred to Himself as Nrusinhbhan or as the incarnation of Guru Dattatrey.� Swami Samarth stayed at Akkalkot till His Mahasamadhi (i.e. parting from the worldly life) in the year 1878.� He, thus, was here in Akkalkot for twenty-two years.� Durig these twenty-two years His name and fame spread throught India and devotees from all parts of India, braving the hazards of journey during those days used to come to Akkalkot.� Today one finds number of Ashramas and muths after His name, in many cities of Maharashtra and Gurat too.� In fact after the arrival of Swami to Akkalkot, it became a
      place of pilgrimage (and it still continues to be so).

      Swami Samarth, in fact, came to Akkalkot, to lay the foundation of the seat of eternal religion and in the year 1944 A.D., and epoch making event did take place here.� Paramsadguru Shri Gajananmaharaj took a vow in that year that, "I will rejuvenate the VEdas."� Of course many events took place between the years 1978 to 1944 and this booklet will try to explain those too.� Before proceeding further let us try to understand the word Paramsadguru.� Guru means a guide or a master sadguru means Perfect Master.� And Paramsadguru means Unparallel or the Highest amongst Perfect Masters.� Paramsadguru Shri Gajanan Maharaj is known today everywhere as the rejuvenator of Eternal Religion as ordained by the Vedas.� Eternal Religion means Satyadharma.� It is also known as Vishvadharma. (The religion of the world.) "Satya' can be only one. Satya means truth and that which eternal.

      Let us try to understand the word "Veda' also.� The word 'Veda' means knowledge.� It is derived from the Sanskrit root "Vid" to know.� Furthermore, knowledge cannot be the monopoly of any group of persons, or sect, or creed, or religion etc.� So Vedas or the Books of Knowledge belong to the humanity as a whole.� And this knowledge is for the benefit of one and all.� It is crystal clear.� However, with passage of time, basic principals ordained by the Vedas got corrupted and correlation between eternal religion and actual day to day practice or behaviour ceased to exist.� By rejuvenating the Vedas, Paramsadguru reestablished the basic principles as ordained by the Vedas.� In fact, by doing this, He opened the doors of Vedic Religion to all human being without exception.� And thus He declared that all human beings are one and that everyone has a right to follow the Veda-dharma.� By this act He brought to the notice of all that Veda-dharma is in
      fact Manav Dharma.� He is, therefore, referred to as Proclaimator of eternal religion for Mankind (Udgata of Manavdharma).� He asserted in unequivocal terms that all people irrespective of their sex, age, caste, creed, colour, language and faith are worthy of becoming true followeres of the Veda-dharma- which in fact is the ancientmost Universal Religion.� Vedas have been referred to as the ancientmost literature by scholars, and tradition tells us that the Vedas are given by the Almighty to mankind at the beginning of the universe.� He also explicitly stated that the basic or fundamental religion of the mankind as a whole has always been one, could only be one and shall remain one.� He once asked, "Can there be two truths?� Truth is always one and shall remain to be one, so also True religion can be only one and shall remain one."� He not only said or uttered this but established this.� In other words, He established with His tremendous power
      of penance the fact that though there exist many sects as o today, the Eternal Religion is only one asn is the common footing of all sects.� He also told in unequivocal terms that practing� basic religion is so simple that even the commonest of common can adopt it with ease.� He maintained that if he light of the sun is for all, rain are for all, winds for all, then how the Satyadharma cannot be one and the same for all?� In fact, it is for all asnd it is so simple, that he who has the desire, can follow it without any obstacle.� With the love and compassionate care of a mother feeding her children, He taught and propagated the Eternal Religion
      .............more in the upcoming issue of Dharma Soorya
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