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The Biggest holocaust still to come. ..What does 'discernmant ' mean ?

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  • donne Perth
    Posted by: john aquazar777@hotmail.com xeux333 ... Lets all go into panic mode. First its the NWO, FEMA concentration death camps, wormholes in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2008
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      Posted by: "john" aquazar777@... xeux333 <snip>
      >MARTIAN LAW or the Bigg change in USA Martian Law??? Are the Martians involved now?? OMG!!!

      Lets all go into panic mode. First its the NWO, FEMA concentration death camps, wormholes in the sesert..and now we have to deal with Martians!

      Nobody told me about the Martians. Everyone rabbits on about the Sirians, Orians, Arcturians, Reptillians, etc..but no Martians.

      We heard it here first folks!

      >These days `illegal aliens` from mexico will be used to mix up with
      bigg mouths and people wich serve `the lord`` and fresh gouverment
      people . send to the camps as first wait for there end .

      there are camps build by FEMA far away from the civilian >world ready to KILL 100.000`s of humans or more each day .
      Do we have any actual pics or proof of these FEMA feath camps?? (My apologies for mentioning the 'proof' word. I realize if plays havoc with peoples fear based belief structures)

      <The gossip goes in early 2009 there will be beginning of the >end in action as end of usa economics as we know today. Oh..ifs 'gossip'....so all of this is fear based 'gossip'/ And there I was preparing to meet our Martian overlords. Can I put that on hold for a while then ?

      <in the time between in the far east the 12th imam of iran or lord
      maitreya shows up.could be late 2008 .gossip goes he is in action now
      to roll in.

      Strangly g bush and others where lately in iraq to have a look to a
      WORMHOLE hidden under the ground in the greenzone (intrance close to
      us embassy)
      this could be a gateway to the comming object in 2012 pass by this
      solar system.

      anyhow this lord maitreya could take thing over in iraq.because of
      his dominant appearance with many ufo`s wich trigger chaos in the
      middle east.

      witch trigger all NWO and alien agenda events comming rapidly.

      <Yah bless . I will keep watchjing the skies...either for Lord Maitreya, Martians...whoever comes first.

      Looking forward to more goddip based updates. Can I add some of my own?

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