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4249Ingestable Liquid Orgone

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  • generaloflight1111
    Jan 21, 2014
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      I had read about something last year and was guided over and over to do it.

      I finally did and the results are great!
      It is called encapsulated vitamin c or liposomal vitamin c.
      Vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin and only around 20% of it is absorbed into your cells which have a layer of fat around them.
      Changing vitamin c into a fat soluble vitamin means you have to encapsulate it.
      Then around 70%-90% is absorbed into your cells.
      You can buy liposomal vitamin c but it is expensive.
      Or you can mega dose and take 5,000 mg to get 1,000 mg absorbed but many people experience stomach irritation and diarrhea.
      There is an easy way to make it for under $50.
      I'll get to the instructions in a minute but first a word on "liquid orgone".
      I was thinking about orgone and the ways it gets to us.
      The most powerful way is obviously sunlight.
      Many types of fruits that produce vitamin c in high quantities must be grown in areas with constant sunlight.
      I am theorizing that vitamin c is a very condensed physical form of orgone energy.
      There have been cases of people getting intravenous vitamin c treatments that have cured h1n1.
      Extensive testing has shown that nuclear plant workers mega dosing vitamin c show zero contamination vs those who don't.
      We all have plenty of orgone devices around and they do help tremendously yet I am always on the lookout for a physical way to introduce more orgone into the body and it seems that this is a great way to do it.
      I made some today and about an hour later had a big energy boost.
      Here are the instructions.
       First you buy an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. I bought one off of ebay for around $26.
      This one has a 3 minute shutoff so if you don't want to have to push the on button 5-6 times I suggest getting a more expensive one without a shutoff.
      The ultrasonic waves of the cleaner work to encapsulate the vitamin c.
      Next buy some powdered or granule lecithin. There is a non gmo soy one and a non gmo sunflower one. Both are good but get the sunflower one if soy gives you gas.
      Next get pure absorbic acid (vitamin c) powder. (I used vit c tablets, more info below).
      It is also very helpful to have a blender but not necessary.

      Mixing instructions:
      Take 3 level tablespoons of the lecithin and put it into a cup of water. Distilled, filtered or purified water is best but I guess it won't make a huge difference if you HAVE to use tap.
      Blend for a minute or so until it is mixed.
      You can let this sit a few hours to make sure it is mixed or opt not to.
      The more the ingredients dissolve and mix in the water the more encapsulation happens but I suppose if you can't wait a few hours it won't make a huge difference.
      Next dissolve 5,000 mg of the vitamin c powder (absorbic acid) into some warm water.
      I took filtered water and put it in a pan for a few minutes and it was ready to use right before it boiled.
      As a side note I crushed up 10 500mg vitamin c tablets because I'm still waiting on my shipment of pure vitamin c powder and it worked just great. I got tablets that contained the least fillers. Don't get ones that contain calcium or rosehips or such.
      Put the vit c powder in the warm water and stir.
      If you are going to let the lecithin sit for a few hours let the vit c sit too and stir both a few times.
      After a few hours blend the vitamin c solution really good in the mixer. A few minutes alternating between mix and liquefy settings seemed to really dissolve any particles that were still visible.Pour both mixtures together and mix them alternating between mix and liquefy settings for a few minutes.
      If you do not have a blender just mix it as well as you can.
      When the lecithin and vit c are mixed together this begins the encapsulation process and makes your batch more potent.
      Next put the mixed solution into the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.
      On my jewelry cleaner there is a plastic insert that you can put watches on, take this out so there is just the empty metal cavity inside.
      Turn the cleaner on and stir the solution every 1-2 minutes.
      I had mine on for 15-18 minutes (My cleaner shuts off every 3 mins so I did 5 to 6 
      3 minute cycles) and the encapsulation was very high/good quality.
      You can check the encapsulation quality of your work by taking a little of the finished product and putting some baking soda in it.
      If it has little no no foam then it is very encapsulated.
      If it foams up alot then you should perhaps mix it in the blender more and then put it in the jewelry cleaner for a few more minutes.
      The final product yields 5,000mg of highly encapsulated vitamin c.
      I got around 13 ounces of solution which means you would need a little over 2.5 ounces to equal a 1,000mg dose. See how many ounces you get and divide that by 5 and you have your dosage for 1,000mg.
      This is supposed to knock out colds and flus like no other as well.
      I hope this helps.