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4243Gifting Mt. Shasta - 2003

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  • oceana.starr
    Dec 31, 2013
      Made a batch to tb's, loaded up a paper grocery bag and off we went. 

      Decided to gift many areas today. Driving slow around the mountain to the north, we found a gap in the fence. There is a high fence with barbed-wire on top and signs every 20' stating, "This is government property, NO trespassing!", all around the mountain!

      No discernable roads, bumpy as hell! Drove and then walked as far back as we could, gifting along the way. One spot in particular felt really DOR'y !! Towards the back of the mountain, a secluded area covered heavily in rocks. Trickling water coming out of the side of the mountain.

      When this area was finished, we got back onto the highway and drove south into the town of Mt. Shasta looking for the road up the mountain. 

      At 7,000' up the mountain, there is a huge parking lot and picnic and camping areas.Can't drive any further than this.  We hiked around, gifting here and there. Before leaving the parking area, we noticed a building off to the side, with an enormous amount of electricity going INTO it. Why would a mountain need electricity????

      We got out of the truck and threw Orgonite on top of this building and then left. That FELT GOOD!!!