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4241RE: MIB Standing In My Living Room - 2005

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  • loohon
    Dec 31, 2013
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      ---In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, <oceana.starr@...> wrote:

      This event happened in 2005. I only found it out through hypnotic regression a few years ago by my husband, Jon.

      Standing on my backyard deck in the Lake Shastina area,

      ----Wo, getting lots underground NSA.

       it was late afternoon and the skies were clear. Sometime later, David, (my ex now), called me outside to see something unusual, lots of that up here. We lived in the shadow of Mt. Shasta.

      ---Now u r starting to sound familiar. I remember a poster in the early days saying that.

      Going outside, I saw what he was pointing out to me. A huge, ( 50' plus), dark, vertical blob hanging over the golf course, about 200' away. I jokingly told the "ship" that IF you're the good guys, come on in for a visit !

      This dark blob stayed in position overnight and finally moved on about 8am the next day!

      The above I remember consciously. The following happened via hypnosis.

      Jon asking me to look around the house later on in the evening, after seeing that dark blob outside. 
      "What do you see." he asked. 
      "Nothing," I replied. 
      "Walk through the house and tell me what you see." he asked. 
      "So far, everything looks the same."

      Then I stopped. Like a deer caught in headlights, I couldn't move or speak. 

      "What are you seeing?" he asked. 
      I was in deep fear. OMG !
      Standing in my living room was a very tall man, in a black suit wearing dark sunglasses!
      He kept staring at me, not saying a thing. 
      I told Jon what I was seeing and told him that I had to end the session, now!

      ---Sounds sorta like Dianetics. Guy might be dead now.

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