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4231RE: [destroy_evil] Energy Disk to stop unknown Curses

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  • Damien Holyoak
    Dec 28 6:40 PM
      The disk normally has a resin over it. I havnt got a pic although i should of taken a pic when i had mine. Its flat with colours on the resin. Its about two-3 cm wide.


      To: destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com
      From: cosmicbal@...
      Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2013 20:06:31 -0600
      Subject: Re: [destroy_evil] Energy Disk to stop unknown Curses


      Can you show a pic of one them?

      On Dec 28, 2013 9:02 PM, "Damien Holyoak" <damiencheryl@...> wrote:

      Hello all

      I had an offer till the 31st December to order material for a very special disk. This disk is not like a Tesla disk nor any type of orgone product. It is the size of a 20 cent coin. Iv been keeping an eye on this disk for a while and used it resently till someone sick i new could benifit from it so i passed mine on. This Disk is made from elements of the periodic table and changes and expands a body energy field.

      Unlike the tesla disk as long as you have this disk in your pocket you will not ever get a flu or virus flu related. This by itself is worth every penny. What i mostly liked about this disk was the fact it was shown to me  if anyone used any type of unzipping affect of my energy field weather its through martial arts, various unzipping processes, verbal abuse, spells or curses and other types. It was demonstrated through kinesiology that any of these processes above to attack a body energy field with a disk could not penatrate. It was also demonstrated any type of mind manipulation technics through TV and other types could not penatrate the body energy field of one who has a disk on them through kinisiology muscle testing. The secret is the elements on the disk. I dont even know them yet at this stage.

      This is a unique Disk and as i said isnt like a Tesla disk or quantum pendulam as such this is something very unique.

      Other common uses the Disk will slow down:

      Common symptoms are:
      • Faltering when attempting to say what you mean. You cannot access your speaking voice.
      • You stutter.
      • Confusing left and right sides. You bump into doorways. You bump into the corners of tables, desks and furniture.
      • When you think you are turning left, you turn right instead.
      • Difficulties with spatial orientation. When reaching for a glass, you accidentally knock it over. You bump cups over when you reach for them. You knock Pepsi cans off the table accidentally.
      • Reversing letters and numbers.  The medical doctor will call you mentally retarded, ADHD or ADD.
      • You spell words wrong.
      • You get telephone numbers reversed.
      • Restricted arm swing or Homolateral arm/leg movement (left arm moves with left leg, right with right) when walking, and you seem to be a klutz, or even retarded.
      • You look like a penguin when walking.
      • Significant awkwardness and clumsiness.
      • Arms are swinging in reverse, right arm forward with right leg forward; left arm forward with left leg forward. Etc.
      • Your immune system may be over 50% to 80% shut-down.
      • Your cognitive (thinking abilities) can be down about 80%. (Energy Medicine Clinical, Phoenix, AZ, Class notes, 2011)
      • You cannot follow directions. Someone tells you “up” you move “down”. They say “turn right” you will turn “left” and believe that you turned right!

      Folks iv tested this an it does work. Iv been offered these disk cheap and i am doing these for $140 frieghted. These normally sell for $490 and iv never been offered these cheap the reasion for my cheap price of $140

      I was only offered 15 of these at this price and i expect they will be gone by New years eve. If anyone is interested later i will order these disk at the original price of $490 after new years eve when these run out. This is not my product nor is a website up on this product. I will consider doing one with my systems i build and invented at a later date when its meant to be. They will take 6 weeks to arrive then ill frieght as this material price will never be offered again. As i said this is a system not invented or manufactured by me. Between the inventer and i we havnt come up with a name for these disk yet but for what it does a name doesnt matter at this stage.

      If you are interested get in quick as i only have 15 of these and i know they will go within two days. First people to pay get the cheap $140 disk when they arrive to me. Email me for payment details.



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