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  • Cosmic Bal
    Nov 18, 2013

      OK... I don't even know how to reply... too much! This encounter will teach me to over react unnecessarily..

      On Nov 18, 2013 8:19 AM, <sanimens2012@...> wrote:

      "Frankly, I feel like you are attacking my music indirectly. And I want to defend it." 

      How could I attack your music when I do not know 

      you and I never heard your music.

      Also I try to avoid any kind of music that has been digitized.

      My estimate is that music provides you a relief, almost a healing

      from the totally unnatural world we live today. 

      Yes, music, especially the 32bit therapeutic with the right pitch will help, but it is just a dead end road, use it like crutch, do not glorify it 

      if you want to know more contact me directly at:

      SaniMens2012    @   yahoo.com

      Who are you to deserve advice?

      I will see how much you posted. If you contributed meaningful things to this group I will advise you.

      If you did not contribute, or were just sucking energy, I will ask you to do some assignments before I offer you advice.

      I do not fall under the common new age looser savior programming and could not care less

      if a million people die in front of me. 

      So there is no way in the universe I will advise you just because you are interested.

      The purpose of my posting is to find warriors of the same level. I can help the aspirants but it has to be earned. 

      I am also willing to do things to be helped by stronger than me.

      That is how it goes.


      ---In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, <cosmicbal@...> wrote:

      I had time to think about this more...

      I don't understand how tone and vibration in digital form can be inherently poisonous. To the subconscious mind? I think if you said subliminal messaging in digital music was damaging to the subliminal mind I could see your comment holding up. But how does digital tone itself damage the subconscious? Why not the rest of the mind? I don't see a connection between digital music and the subconscious.

      As far as man made things.. we are Creators. That is what we do. All musical instruments are man made. Any sound I could ever make would be man made. Regardless of the medium. Some men will create harmful music and others would create healing music. I'm sure the further from Nature's harmony you get the worse, but music can be made in harmony with nature digitally.

      Frankly, I feel like you are attacking my music indirectly. And I want to defend it.


      All digital music is poison for the subconious mind.

      The pitch only makes it little worse or better.

      Even 32bit high quality audio is bad.

      Digital is digital.

      make your own sounds or listen to natural occurring ones.

      How can any man made digital music be better than the sound of wind?

      ---In destroy_evil@yahoogroups.com, <cosmicbal@...> wrote:

      Let's destroy evil by promoting music! I want to make music and share it. I think i may need to figure out how to record everything in 444Hz or 432 instead of 440.

      If you all have any music, post it! Nothing beats the DORy blues like feel good music. I love finding new music too. it's an addiction.

      I apologize if this is out of place, but I can't think of anywhere else to post it!

      Would love to hear what you all think about any future music i make! so be sure to
      follow me.

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