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4195Global Liver Cleanse

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  • Cosmic Bal
    Oct 12, 2013
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      Want to help me overlay a planetary environment of clarity, peace, self awareness of all things and a general all pervasive feeling of happiness.. inevitably shaking loose negative energies and entities with ill intent?

      Overlay everything positive into the Earth wherever you are and spread it beyond as you feel DORy resistance fading into the positive energies you are intending with powerful visuals.

      They can create holograms of DOR and we can imbue the planet with Good, Happy and Life force empowering visual holograms.

      Now is the time. I will sustain my efforts for a few hours still.

      This works because by doing this, I stirred up a 100+ mile network of DUMBs deep in the Earth in WY just now.

      Will power and intent WILL change our world. Be not the victims, but the Godlike people's that we are. We truly are. Responsibility or Awesome Ability of free will? You decide. :D Have a niiiice day! Hahaha.