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4193RE: RE: Re: [destroy_evil] ares/races cult?

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  • xanderdeafman
    Oct 3 2:12 AM
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      I never TRUSTS doctors and dentists, etc... EXPERTS are a-holes! Ha ha ha ha!

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       some how I got to this post very strange but is by the book

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      In a world of dual thought, everything is backwards.. hospitals kill,
      dentists destroy teeth, lawyers corrupt, banks steal, government is against
      the people while the "people" de-evolve.. Just turn your light brighter man
      On Apr 20, 2013 3:20 PM, "raypsi.m0nkey" <raypsi.m0nkey@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Somewhere on youtube I was surfing and came across a you tuber vblogging
      > about hurricane/superstorm sandy, the connection with ares/races he came
      > across SET (aka egyptian god) alphabet soup for Sim Emergency training for
      > a hurricane that could hit the east coast the SET was 10/4/1997
      > So now I wonder because I had all the requirements to join ares/races they
      > wouldn't let me join it was a computer glitch they said. Or was it because
      > they knew I was a source of light in the darkness.
      > We all know that if the room is dark and you bring in a light all the
      > darkness will go away. So they never let me into ares/races. Now I find out
      > It's a dark cult ares being the name of the greek god of war although not
      > spelled the same way has the same pronouciation, and SET the god of
      > darkness and chaos.
      > No wonder they won't let me join.
      > It's all under the guise of helping people in need.

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