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3174Re: [destroy_evil] Tame your inner Neo with Neotame

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  • Gale Stark
    Jan 2, 2011
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      Hi Loohon glad to see you posting here. I have been trying to post a message to someone on here BUT it says the server is not responding??? Had also wanted to ask you some questions since I saw your adventures to DC and what you took along with you as far as creations. Seem interesting that you wouldnt post them here as this is your group. Is this the reason we have been seeing terrible weather and many storms and tornados this time of year. I also notice you used Dragon Als stuff in your creations maybe this is the reason why??? I hate knowing people are loosing their lives. I also traveled through Arkansas and saw the black clouds dripping with black soot like stuff coming from them. It was gross what is happening? It was the same way on the way back too. What is going on??? Gale

      God is reality. Destiny is not left up to chance but is a matter of choice!

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