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Urgent Proposal: IASDR Special Session on Design Policy?

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  • Elizabeth Tunstall
    My apologies for the belated post, but I noticed that the 2009 IASDR in Seoul (October 18-22) is allowing for special sessions. I propose doing a special
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2009
      Urgent Proposal: IASDR Special Session on Design Policy? My apologies for the belated post, but I noticed that the 2009 IASDR in Seoul (October 18-22) is allowing for special sessions. I propose doing a special session on design policy if there is enough interest by people planning to attending the conference:

      IASDR 2009 creates a venue for special sessions where distinguished professionals (academics, researchers and practitioners) in the design field organize parallel sessions on a research topic. The special sessions will be the same format with other parallel session during the conference. Special session organizers will be invited to submit a proposal with the title and a short description of the topic. Based on the proposal, final selection of the special sessions will be made. Organizers of the selected special sessions will invite and review the papers for the proposed topic. The papers accepted for the special sessions will be published as regular full papers in the conference proceeding.

      Special Session Chair
      Tek-Jin Nam

      Unfortunately there is not much time because abstracts are due on Feb. 28th. Sorry, I have been super busy and I just realized in need to get my act together for this.

      The title of the proposal could be based on my previous posting:
      Design Policy as Pragmatic Praxis: the Challenges of Rigor and Relevance in Design Policy Research and Action

      The praxis of creating, implementing, and measuring design policy poses significant challenges for design research that meets standards of both rigor and relevance. The scholar/practitioners engaged in the creation of design policies seek to create documents that abide by rigorous standards of theoretical and empirical justification. Methodologies of historical precedence, qualitative thematics, and statistical validation are used to logically persuade a wide audience of governmental bureaucrats, policy maker, design organizations, and lay designers of the necessity of design policy. Yet the same rigor can undercut the relevance of design policy, as other forms of expression are needed to move proposals into design action. How does one adapt theoretical arguments and tactical plans to the contingencies of institutional structures and political whims? Is one required to translate academic prose into populist slogans? How should/could the modes of communication that ensure design policy relevancy for action be made part of the praxis of design policy rigor? This panel consists of an international set of scholar/practitioners who examine their own theoretical and practical engagements with design policy in order to address the challenges of rigor and relevance in design policy research and action.


      Again, I know this is last minute, so if you cannot put something together that is fine. But if you can, it would be great to have a collective panel. I was really disappointed when I presented at the last IASDR meetings and they had placed my paper under the topic of Business. This will avoid that situation.




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