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10263July Calendar Car

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  • bim55_01747
    Jul 16, 2014

      This months, July’s car is the incredible Series One creation of Tony Chione from central Mass.

      What everyone will notice on this car is the all stainless dual exhaust that works well with the exposed, well detailed engine.  The exhaust was a purchase item from Europe a while ago and uses motorcycle mufflers, almost one of a kind in the US I’d guess.

      Tony is a car guy and with his dad and a couple of other friends, they’ve built some sweet buggies over the years.  This re-build of a Deserter Series One is more than a decade old and done to a very high level of detail.  This car has always been a standout at local VW shows. 

      What it does not have in high priced go fast items, it more than makes up for with subtle customization that he built into this car.  It’s a standard buggy, VW pan based car with type 1 running gear.

      In this rear view, you can almost make out the lockable storage unit that occupies the rear seat area and if you look closely, you’ll see a 3rd brake light integrated into the roll bar.  Overall a very simple and clean and uncluttered looking car, but the more you look the more you will find on this car.   I hope you all get to see it someday.

      As always, the 2014 calendar photos can be found in the photo album section of this forum.


      Bob E