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TV FOR DUMMIES - un spectacol pentru 100 de telecomenzi - FNT 2011

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  • Bianca Boitan
    *informatii primite de la adresa tangaproject@yahoo.com     [as part of the National Theatre Festival Bucharest]  [Monday] [31 October] [18:00] & [22:00]
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2011
      * informatii primite de la adresa tangaproject@...


      [as part of the National Theatre Festival Bucharest] 
      [Monday] [31 October] [18:00] & [22:00] [National Theatre/Sala Atelier]

      A block.
      3 flats monitored at the same time.

      An 8 year-old girl disappears from home while her mother chats on Skype. A student installs webcams in the neighbors’ flats. The block’s administrator is addicted to teleshopping. Suddenly, a TV station lands in this block to investigate the case of the missing girl.

      Zapping through reality. Through communication channels. Through information. Through the circuits that operate within a community. Through domestic tales. Through public and private. Through live suicide, diets and fake declarations.

      Eeach spectator receives a remote control with which they choose what they want to see.
      Who controls? Who is more pervert? How is the information perverted?
      Written by:  Mona Bozdog and Mihaela Michailov
      Haruna Condurache
      Petronela Grigorescu
      Florin Caracala
      Ioana Lefter
      Karina Pop
      Directed by: Ioana Păun
      Set: Maria Pitea
      Video Design: Andrei Cozlac
      Live VJ: Andrei Cozlac and Iustin Surpanelu             

      Produced by National Theatre Iasi

      " The show brings a fresh approach and leaves you thinking. You should all watch TV for Dummies!" (Oltita Cintec, Suplimentul de Cultura)

      " An experimental show, an uncomfortable show, an ingenious one and brave through what it proposed: making the viewer responsible. " (Iasul Universitar)

      " This performance is different, different then what we usually see in a theatre." (Ziarul de Iasi)

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