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  • sell yr zines & crafts & art at Flee Art, a free flea market for art! This Fri. Dec. 1st, at the Oriental Theater. Registration begins at 3 pm and goes through the night, space willing. To reserve a spot earlier, email FleeArt@^$1 There is no fee for artists and admission is Free as well. check out www.myspace.com/FleeArt
    Misun Nov 30, 2006
  • Hey everyone! San Francisco Zine Fest WILL be taking place in 2006 (Sept. 9th + 10th, to be precise)! After a short spell of uncertainty, the SFZF is back at CELLspace (2050 Bryant St, in the Mission). This year's show promises to be a lot of fun, with workshops, film and animation screenings, and of course dozens of local artists with everything from zines and mini-comics to hand...
    Misun Jul 24, 2006
  • my fingers were flying too fast on the previous email! hi to everyone from john & misun in san francisco. john just printed up a brand new King-Cat comics & stories. King-Cat #63 36 pages. stories of a crane fly, a flying hat, barber shops, plum blossoms, love and more. $3 post paid to John Porcellino POB 170535 SF, CA 94117 www.king-cat.net we miss denver & all of you. this...
    Misun Oh Sep 1, 2004
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  • hey. > the pink light collective (some self important > bunch-a-identity politico's in amsterdam hahaha) is > trying to set up a zine library and we want > YOU to help. > we're after copies of zines that deal with > gender/feminist/queer issues (also along the general > ´┐Żnything we like' theme; eg hobo redundant self > indulgent arbitrary zines etc) > so that: we can have a range...
    Misun Oh Jan 31, 2004
  • We're changing the date of the zine party/King-Cat/Acoustic music night to: Wed., Sept 10, 2003, 7 pm, Lost Lake, 2921 Walnut. will keep you posted - please call if you have questions. Misun (303)832-1394 __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free, easy-to-use web site design software http://sitebuilder.yahoo.com
    Misun Oh Aug 25, 2003
  • ...alternative press, comics people, etc, to come out and bring their stuff. Would you 2 be interested in bringing your zines? Email me, misunoh@^$1, or feel free to call (303)832-1394, if you have any questions. By the way, yes, i'd like to trade zines. ALSO: John has several...
    Misun Oh Aug 24, 2003
  • oh yeah- i forgot to say- you can find zines at: 1. Double Entendre 120 S. Broadway, between Bayaud & Cedar (303) 744-9314 They mostly sell independent records and some zines, leaning towards political zines 2. Breakdown Book Collective 1409 Ogden St. (303) 832-7952 They have a small collection of zines. Both of these stores would be good places to post flyers inquiring about...
    Misun Aug 13, 2003
  • Hi There, my name is Misun. my friend forwarded yr message about Denver zinesters and a zine library. I do a zine called tearjerker. My husband John does King-Cat Comics & Stories. www.king-cat.net please feel free to contact me at misunoh@^$1 Where did you guys move from? hope to hear from you soon. Misun
    Misun Aug 13, 2003