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Meeting Minutes 9/14/03

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  • Kelly
    Zine Library Planning Meeting – September 14th, 2003 In Attendance: Jamez, Kelly, Paul, Dani, Jeremiah, Vanessa Making Decisions: All meetings are open to
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      Zine Library Planning Meeting � September 14th, 2003


      In Attendance: Jamez, Kelly, Paul, Dani, Jeremiah, Vanessa


      Making Decisions:

      • All meetings are open to whoever is interested in coming.
      • A person must come to 3 meetings before they are allowed to vote, but they may participate in the discussion any time they are in attendance.  At the person�s 4th meeting, they will have voting rights.
      • If a voting person misses at least 6 consecutive meetings, they must come to 1 meeting without voting rights.  After that, voting rights will be restored.
      • For the time being, decisions will be made on a consensus basis.  This can be reevaluated as the collective grows.
      • At the 6th meeting, all collective members gain voting rights, provided they have been to at least 3 of the meetings.  Until then, all people at the meetings will be allowed to vote.



      • Meetings will continue to be held at 111 W. Archer Pl / Denver CO 80223.  This is to maintain consistency, since all old flyers will still have valid information and the library space will be accessible to show people who haven�t seen it.
      • �Jobs� will rotate: facilitator, minutes keeper, time keeper.  These jobs will be assigned at the beginning of each meeting.
      • The next meeting is on September 28th at 7:30pm.



      • The target readiness date is Saturday, November 8, 2003.  This date is not an absolute, and we will not confirm it or publicize it until everything is ready.


      What Needs to Be Done/Acquired Before Opening:

      (And who�s doing them so far)

      • bulletin board  (Paul)
      • combination lock for door  (Paul)
      • furniture (?)
      • shelving  (Paul, Jeremiah, Jamez & Kelly)
      • cheap computer  (Paul?)
      • light on outside of library
      • �zine library� sign(s)  (Paul has one)
      • space heater
      • bookends
      • fix broken window panes  (Jamez & Kelly)
      • fix / sand / paint existing shelves
      • get craft supplies
      • decorate cereal boxes
      • make path on side of house (pavers / concrete)
      • make ramp into library


      Fundraising Ideas:

      • Local bands play benefit show
      • Rich Mackin benefit show (on his October book tour)
      • Donation jars (Breakdown, Double Entendre)
      • Sell doubles of zines in library



      • Shelving around perimeter of library
      • Collapsible / Folding chairs
      • Keep eyes open for furniture being thrown out
      • Hold off on any large furniture until all shelving in place


      Work Party:

      • There will be a work party on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 5pm at 111 W. Archer Pl.
      • Jobs will include cleaning, sanding and painting shelves, decorating cereal boxes, creating path on side of house.


      Random Decisions:

      • If you spend any money on the zine library, keep the receipt.  All receipts will be collected and recorded.  You will be reimbursed as funds become available.
      • Zine donation boxes should be put at Breakdown and Double Entendre for folks passing through.
      • All doubles of zines will be put aside from the zines that will be in the library.  We will decide later if they will all be sold or if there will be some doubles in the library.
      • If you are not sure whether something should be in the library while you�re cataloging (i.e. fancy, mainstream magazines and books), put them aside.  At a later meeting, we will go through the pile and vote on whether or not the items should be included.
      • Flyers about meetings will be left at Double Entendre and Breakdown.  Pass information on to anyone that you think would be interested.
      • When the space is set up, we may have a �volunteer picks� shelf for our favorite zines.
      • Save cereal and other food boxes to use for zine storage/display.

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