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March Newsletter from the DZL!!

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  • annami_ysh
    Denver Zine Fest 2008 Are you ready for the 3rd Annual Denver Zine Fest? This year’s zine fest is scheduled for Saturday, May 31st from 10 am †6
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      Denver Zine Fest 2008
      Are you ready for the 3rd Annual Denver Zine Fest?  

      This year’s zine fest is scheduled for Saturday, May 31st from 10 am â€" 6 pm at the First Unitarian Church of Denver (14th & Lafayette).

        For more information about the fest, please check out the website: www.denverzinefest.com or our myspace page: www.myspace.com/denverzinefest2007 (it says 2007, but it has all the 2008 information)  

      Look out for events & fundraisers leading up to the zine fest and fun things happening the weekend of the fest. Donations to the fest will be accepted at any time. Please contact Kelly at shortandqueer@...

      Volunteering at this year’s fest  

      The Denver Zine Fest is largely supported by the help of community volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering or finding out more about what kinds of opportunities are available, please contact Kelly Shortandqueer directly at shortandqueer@....


      If you have an idea for a workshop that you would like to present at this year’s zine fest, please submit an application (you can find a link to it on the website on the left hand side: www.denverzinefest.com ). Please contact Anna with any questions at a.inazu@...

      Do you have a great idea for this year’s zine fest? We are calling for applications!  

      Session/Workshop Criteria:

      ·        should focus on zines and/or DIY skill sharing

      ·        presenters/leaders are responsible for providing any supplies and materials that are needed to carry out the session

      ·        sessions can take the form of workshops, panel discussions, round table groups (or any combination of these)

      The Denver Zine Fest is looking for a range of sessions in terms of content, creativity and format.

      Look forward to hearing from you!


      If you have ideas about sponsorship or are interested in sponsoring the zine fest please contact Sarah at sarahgraceslater@...

      Housing & Transportation

       If you would like to help house out of towners for the zine fest or help to transport folks to/from the airport, please contact Nia at oxette@...

      Denver Zine Library News!

      The DZL has moved!

      But don’t worry, we are still located inside The Other Side Arts! (1644 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202)  

      The Denver Zine Library has a brand new space! Come visit and see our new setup and read some zines! We are accessible by the alley â€" just look for the bright green door!

      Zine Donations

      Donate your zine!  

      We are always accepting donations. Stop by the zine library or send zines to:

      Denver Zine Library
      PO Box 13826
      Denver, CO 80201

      Want to Volunteer at your favorite library?

      We are always looking for volunteers! If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Anna at a.inazu@...

      Other Zine News!

      Want to have your zines read?  

      Hey Denver zinesters!

      Jerry's Records is friendly to zinesters.  You can leave your zines there for free, or do consignment. Jerry’s Records is located on Colfax â€" right near the capitol building.

      Best of Denver â€" Westword

      The Westword is now conducting its annual "best of denver" reader's poll, and there are three categories for which the DENVER ZINE LIBRARY is eligible:

      best place barack obama should visit during the convention

      best place hillary clinton should visit during the convention

      best free entertainment

      if you wanted to vote for us, that would extra super cool!

      the poll is at http://westword. com/polls/ readerspoll/ index.php

      the deadline for voting is march 19.

      please spread the word to any you think might be interested.

      thanks for yr support!

      10th Allied Media Conference

      June 20-22, 2008 | Detroit, MI

      New AMC Website Live!

      After months of painstaking construction, the new website is alive!
      Thanks to the AMC Website Team for guiding this project, the Chicago
      Technology Cooperative for web development, Media Justice Fund for
      funding the website build, and Joe Namy for thoughtful and beautiful

      Check it out at http://alliedmediaconference.org/

      There you will find:

      Registration is open

      (you have no idea how much we love early registrations)

      you can now Submit a Session Proposal

      (the Call for Session Proposals is pasted below--please forward it
      far and wide. The deadline for proposals is March 21 so get on it!)

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      ~The AMC 2008 Crew


      Submit a session proposal for the 10th Allied Media Conference

      Proposals Due March 21!

      Session proposal form: http://alliedmediaconference.org/propose

      Help make the AMC a reality. Be a part of the best AMC ever! You can
      use the AMC session proposal form to make a suggestion for something
      you would like to see at the AMC, or you can propose a session that
      you will organize and present.

      If you've never attended the AMC, please check out last year's
      program <http://2007.alliedmediaconference.org/program>
       and familiarize yourself with the kinds of sessions that the
      conference presents.

      We are looking for sessions like:

       hands-on skill-shares (art, print, video, radio, new media, etc.)

       community-building and organizing through media

       creative ways of using media for protest and action
       popular education methods

       strategies for expanding our access (to radio, the internet,
      television, etc.)

       conversations about the future of our media and social movements

       how to build and share open source and DIY technology tools
       models of economic sustainability for our organizations
       models of leadership and leadership development

      We like sessions that:

       are interactive and creative
       build off ideas from last year's AMC, rather than repeat
       are particularly relevant to the conference vision
       (Please read it before submitting a proposal)

      We love it when multiple organizations or individuals from across our
      network collaborate on sessions.
      **Propose a session at: http://alliedmediaconference.org/propose



      10th AMC:

      Our Evolution Beyond Survival: Media Strategies for the Next 10 Years

      The 10th annual Allied Media Conference is a milestone for the media
      movement. Over the last ten years, we've broken silence and built
      movements. We've become the media and created our own communications
      tools. Now we want to use this gathering to project ourselves another
      ten years into the future.

      Amidst the threats we face as individuals and organizations, our
      survival is cause for celebration. The AMC provides the opportunity
      for us to celebrate and strategize as a community around common
      problems: how can we sustain ourselves and our organizations
      financially without getting caught up in commercialism or the
      nonprofit industry? How will we ensure there are people to do this
      work well into the future?

      Powerful corporations and unaccountable politicians are advancing
      their vision of the future. What kind of future are we working towards
      and what role will our media play in shaping it?

      Now rooted in Detroit, we continue to look to sustainability
      strategies growing from within the current disaster caused by
      militarism, systematic oppression, failing schools, and the growing
      planetary emergency. That is where we find people, out of necessity,
      using media as part of solutions to the problems many more of us will
      soon face. The AMC is a laboratory and a showcase for these

      Since 1999, the AMC has brought together students, journalists,
      artists, educators and activists to push the boundaries of
      participatory media. We are intergenerational with a focus on youth.
      We all share in the teaching and learning of practical skills for
      making media and using media to organize for change. This June, we'll
      come together to share tactics for living in the world that is and for
      shaping the world that we want. Please join us.


      The Denver Zine Library is a volunteer-run lending library located at
      1644 Platte Street, Studio 103 (inside The Other Side Arts)

      Open Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm or by appointment

      Drop off donations to the Denver Zine Library during open hours or
      send to:

      Denver Zine Library
      PO Box 13826
      Denver, CO 80201

      www.denverzinelibra ry.org
      denverzinelibrary@ gmail.com

      Interested in Volunteering? Get in contact with us!

      Read zines, write zines, support your community!

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