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April update from the DZL (so many good things you won't wanna miss!)

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  • annami_ysh
    DENVER ZINE FEST - The Zine Fest was a fabulous & fun day. Stay tuned for a complete update, but in the meantime…a huge thanks to organizers, participants
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      - The Zine Fest was a fabulous & fun day. Stay tuned for a complete update, but in the meantime…a huge thanks to organizers, participants and volunteers of Denver Zine Fest! Can't wait til next year. We had over 700 people pass through the fest and sooo many amazing zines, diy goodies, workshops, and vendors. Amazing day. Amazing people. Amazing zines. What more could you ask for?




      - Local zinester/zine librarian Dylan Scholinski is having an art opening at The Other Side Arts (TOSA) Gallery ( 1644 Platte St. —the same location as the zine library)

      Opening Reception: Friday, May 4 at 6pm – 11pm (the show runs through 6/1/07 )

      For more information, contact Dylan directly at: dylanscholinski@...


      And don't forget to check out his current show at Isadore Gallery

      3542 Walnut St. , Denver

      April 6th – April 28th



      - Local zinester, John Porcellino's new book is almost here!! So exciting!

      The King-Cat Classix should arrive in bookstores sometime in Mid-April. John will be keeping us updated as soon as his book becomes available. This is a big 384 page hardcover collection of the "best of" the first fifty issues of King-Cat!




      - Upcoming Denver Zine Library Volunteer Training

      Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at the wonderful Denver Zine Library?

      Next Volunteer Training is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th at the Denver Zine Library

      1644 Platte St. , Studio 103

      If you're interested, contact Anna at annami_ysh@...


      - Sister Spit: The Next Generation: Tuesday, April 17th 

      Doors at 7:00 , show starts at 7:30 pm on Auraria Campus at St. Cajetan's Center.

      National Tour pairing five brand new twenty something queer female writers with original Sister Spit roadsters and award winning writers Eileen Myles, Ali Liebegott and Michelle Tea.

      Check out the website for more info: www.sisterspitnextgen.com

      see below for more details


      - Zine Reading at MATTER bookstore in Fort Collins, CO. Friday, April 20th. The time is still to be determined, but will probably be around 8:00 pm .

      If you're interested in reading, contact Kelly at shortandqueer@.... For more details or confirmation on the date/time of the event, contact Kristy at: kristy.fenton@....


      - Homo Hop West *** A Very Queer Mixed Media Hip Hop Extravaganza

      Thursday, April 26th at the Oriental Theatre

      7:30 pm Film Screening; 9:30 Live Concert

      Check out www.bentlens.org

      see below for more details


      - Fancy Tiger Zine Classes - Sat, 4/28, 5/19, 4:30-6:30pm - $10

      Want to learn all about zines? Want to learn how to make your own zine? Want to learn more about the zine scene in Denver ?

      Anyone is welcome, whether you are a beginner or veteran zinester.

      Contact Fancy Tiger to sign up at: 303-733-8355 or stop by the store located at: 1 South Broadway, Denver , CO 80209


      And don't forget…stop by the Denver Zine Library and check out some zines buddies!


      Open: Saturdays and Sundays 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

      inside The Other Side Arts

      1644 Platte St. , Studio 103

      Denver , CO







      Do you love Michelle Tea? Do you love queer women writers? Do you love hot touring queers? Then you'll love Sister Spit. Sister Spit is making an oh so very exciting stop in Denver !!!

      When: Tuesday April 17th
      Time: Doors at 7:00 show at 7:30
      Where: St. Cajetan's on the Auraria Campus (for a location map go to
      http://www.mscd.edu/enroll/admissions/campus/map/ )
      How much: $10 donation at the door (no one turned away for lack of funds)

      Sister Spit: The Next Generation is a national tour pairing five brand-new, twenty-something queer female/ish writers with original Sister Spit roadsters and award-winning writers Ali Liebegott and Michelle Tea. Based on the orginal Sister Spit Ramblin' Roadshow of the late 90s, Sister Spit: The Next Generation hits the road in Fall 2006, nearly a decade after the first Spit van set sail, reviving the rowdy, raucous literary adventure with a mixture of fresh faces and seasoned roaddogs!


      Writer, performer and literary event wrangler MICHELLE TEA will MC the evening's festivities as well as read an excerpt from her recently published first novel, Rose of No Man's Land. Michelle is co-founder of the original Sister Spit experience, which began as an all-girl open mic in the early 90s and morphed into a national tour which dragged Eileen Myles, Beth Lisick, Katastrophe and countless others across the country at the end of the decade. She is the author of four memoirs, including the award-winning Valencia and the illustrated Rent Girl. Michelle has edited three anthologies, most recently Baby, Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writings. Joining Michelle Tea is veteran EILEEN MYLES, who has written thousands of poems since she gave her first reading at CBGB's in 1974.

      Plucked from the pages of the anthology Baby, Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writings are~writer and future progressive librarian RHIANNON ARGO, who cites good ole fashioned ladies room gossip as a prime literary inspiration; 25-year old filipina jewish whitegirl TAMARA LLOSA-SANDOR, who, when not writing, enjoys a bowl of ramen while listening to Kiss Double Platinum, NICOLE J. GEORGES, who is an illustrator, pet portrait maker, and author of Invincible Summer Zine, illustrator, publisher and writer CRISTY C. ROAD, who, at the tender age of 23 has been producing her zine for over 10 years, recently published an illustrated novel, Indestructible, and churned out countless illustrations for punk bands, political orgainizations and magazines such as Bitch and Jane; writer, actor, and karaoke master Robin Akimbo. And reading from her newly published second novel, The IHOP Papers (Carrol and Graf), about a young lesbian pancake waitress, ALI LIEBEGOTT. A writer, illustrator and visual artist, Ali's first book, the epic road poem The Beautifully Worthless, was awarded a Lambda Literary Award for Debut
      Fiction. Ali was a member of Sister Spit's 1997 maiden voyage, as well as the 1999 final national tour, wherein she delighted both audiences and tourmates with her fatigueless humor and ability to smash beer cans with her breasts.

      For more information about Sister Spit go to www.sisterspitnextgen.com.

      For more info or questions about the Denver show contact Shannon at
      perez-darby@... or Hillary at hillrepute@....




      *** QPOC Lounge *** Boulder Pride *** Rainbow Alley ***

      DU Center for Multicultural Excellence *** The Denver Zine Library



      Homo Hop West *** A Very Queer Mixed Media Hip Hop Extravaganza


      In conjunction with "Black Is...Culturefeast" a project of the

      Pan African Arts Society, Cafe Nuba & QPOC Lounge


      Thursday, April 26th, 2007

      The Oriental Theater 4335 W 44th Ave , Denver , Colorado


      7:30 PM Film Screening "Pick Up The Mic" Directed by Alex Hinton

      9:30 PM Live Concert Featuring the Deep Dickollective, Paradigm & More


      Featuring  Emcee Maurice Ka and DJ Taejah


      General Admission: $20.00

      Student/Seniors: $10.00


      "Pick Up The Mic"



      Director Alex Hinton's moving portrayal of the emerging GLBT hip hop, or 'homohop,' movement showcases the growing genre and profiles many of the top queer hip hop artists who are creating this raw, new body of music -- singers/rappers/hip hoppers who are speaking out through their performance art - about their lives, their loves, and the homophobic music

      culture that surrounds us.


      The film includes live footage from national talents like the Deep Dickollective, Paradigm, Dutch Boy - creator of the first homohop online community, Rainbow Flava, Johnny Dangerous, Tori Fixx, Deadlee, JenRo, Marcus Rene Van, Tina G, and QBoy.


      Stay after for the Live Concert from the Deep Dickollective, Paradigm, and more.


      Advance tickets available online at www.bentlens.org


      For more information about the film and performers, check www.bentlens.org: Boulder 's premier glbt film society and www.myspace.com/qpoclounge: Denver 's cultural expression space for young queer people of color.

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