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Denver Zine Library Updates and Events!

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  • annami_ysh
    Hello friends! Just wanted to share some of the fun upcoming events with the Denver Zine Library that you won t want to miss. And give you some updates of what
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      Hello friends!

      Just wanted to share some of the fun upcoming events with the Denver
      Zine Library that you won't want to miss. And give you some updates
      of what we've been up to lately.


      * 2007 Denver Zine Calendar Release Party! *
      Watercourse Foods (206 E. 13th Ave.)
      7 pm - 11 pm

      The Denver Zine Library has just published the 2007 Denver Zine
      Calendar, which features 16 local zine writers' illustrations and
      artwork . We will release the calendar and hold a silent auction to
      raise money for our all-volunteer run library.

      Please come and support the Denver Zine Library and get your very
      own copy of this amazing calendar for just $10! Also, check out our
      awesome silent auction of art, services and gift certificates!

      The artists: Molly Zackary, Celso, Anna, Kevin, Kelly Shortandqueer,
      Kristy Fenton, Jason Heller, Misun Oh, John Porcellino, Amelia
      Crewe, Brian Leech, Oren Kyle Cantrell, Dylan Scholinski, Andie
      Lyons, Shannon Perez-Darby, Jaks, Eleanor, and Patty.

      Please pass on this invitation to everyone you know!

      * Upcoming Fancy Tiger class *
      Make a zine! - $10

      Learn how to make a zine! This class is for people who aren't
      really sure what a zine is as well as veteran zinesters looking for
      new ideas. Taught by a Denver Zine Librarian, you will hear about
      the history of zines and the local zine community, see several
      options for zine layouts, and learn the mechanics of assembling a
      zine. Come with some creative ideas and leave with a starter zine.
      Class fee includes all materials. For more information about zines
      in Denver, check out http://www.denverzinelibrary.org

      1 – 2 hour class
      Saturday, November 11th 4:30-6:30
      At Fancy Tiger, 1 South Broadway


      * Fancy Tiger class *

      On October 14th, the Denver Zine Library taught their first zine
      class at Fancy Tiger. Although we had originally hoped for more than
      two people, this intimate class was perfect to help the students get
      some ideas for a specific project they're working on together.
      Denver, keep your eyes open for a new zine about being a single
      mother! We look forward to working with more zine novices and even
      veterans at our next class, Saturday 11/11!

      * Other zine workshops *

      The Denver Zine Library went to two sections of an Introduction to
      Women's Studies at Auraria to explain what zines are and the many
      ways they can look. Students in both sections got excited about
      their class assignment once they saw how much flexibility can be
      found in making zines. We hope to get some finished copies donated
      to the Denver Zine Library. Thanks to Arlene Sgoutas for
      introducting so many folks to zines!

      * Pedal Powered Bike Tour *

      Along with several other organizations, the Denver Zine Library
      hosted a screening of several films as part of the Pedal Powered
      Movie Tour. About 40 people came to watch short films addressing the
      US-Mexico border. Filmmaker Bill Brown biked from Washington DC to
      Boulder to screen the films.

      For more information on the tour and descriptions of the films,
      check out the website: http://homepage.mac.com/r.maisano/bb/index.htm


      - volunteers
      - zine donations
      - CD Player
      - gift certificates to office supply stores (any amount)


      Hi, this is Weston of Junktown zine. My girlfriend, Lynne, and I are planning on putting together a sorta' McSweeny's-style short fiction zine (or literary review if you want to make legit). We're looking for short stories from Denver, or maybe just Colorado, based writers for the first issue. In the future, we'll include writers from elsewhere and maybe have "themes" and whatnot, but for this first one, it just has to be fiction and you just have to be from Colorado.


      And don't forget...

      Visit the zine library located inside The Other Side Arts at:
      1644 Platte St., Stuido 103
      Saturdays and Sundays 1:00 - 5:00 pm or by appointment

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