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Denver Zine Library Meeting Minutes 9/14

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  • kelly shortandqueer
    Denver Zine Library Meeting Minutes 9/14: · Incorporation The status of the incorporation process is that Kristy has read up on the NOLO press How to Form a
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      Denver Zine Library Meeting Minutes 9/14:

      · Incorporation

      The status of the incorporation process is that Kristy
      has read up on the NOLO press How to Form a Nonprofit
      Corporation and will stop by the Secretary of State’s
      office this week to pick up the official application.
      Kelly has committed to reading and reviewing the
      application in parts as it is written. The goal for
      finishing the application is the end of October at
      which time we will seek out a lawyer to review the
      final application and then submit it for approval to
      the state.

      We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of
      incorporating. The advantages are that we will become
      eligible for grants and other sources of support,
      which will increase our capacity to run outreach
      projects in Denver, possibly develop an internship
      program, purchase property for a permanent location
      through a capitol campaign, and act as an umbrella
      organization for other projects to receive funding
      and/or in-kind support. The major disadvantage of
      becoming a nonprofit is that now the government can
      scrutinize every detail of our existence by looking at
      our books, we now face loads of record and
      bookkeeping, and must develop and maintain an
      organizational structure.

      · Communication

      The Denver Zine Library needs to put out more regular
      email and updates on our yahoo email list. We also
      decided we’ll start collecting email addresses at zine
      library and related community events.

      Kelly is committed to updating the website after
      Kristy messed it up and never fixed it! As the
      cataloging gets finished, we will update the online
      catalogue and look for a way to possibly print it up
      double sided for cheap. An email will go out to
      inform people that our website and online catalogue
      are updated.

      · Materials Check Out Book

      Our materials checkout book has gone missing. If
      anyone has seen it, please contact the library
      immediately – dzl@... - we have
      almost two years of tracking information in this book
      and not all of it is backed up! We will start backing
      up checked out materials on a computer, but not the
      community computer at TOSA because often files are
      deleted. For now, we will back up information on
      Kristy or Kelly’s computers.

      · Maintaining a Community PA

      Since we purchased the PA system from Double Entendre,
      we’ve made it available to groups and individuals as a
      community resource. We’re now realizing that we won’t
      be able to afford to keep it maintained without the
      support of all those who use it. So, we’ve decided to
      charge a small fee for use that would go in an
      envelope and be used only for the maintenance of the
      system [microphones, cables, whatever else]. We
      decided on $5-15 sliding scale for individuals, $15-25
      for bands, and $20-40 for organizations. These prices
      are negotiable and any input is welcome!

      · Moving

      Last month we were approached by TOSA to discuss
      defining the zine library space. As of now, we are
      paying rent and occupying part of a community space
      for the resident artists at TOSA. After this was
      brought to our attention and some issues worked out,
      we decided to begin to look for a new space that might
      accommodate our needs a little bit better. So far,
      Michael and Kristy have lightly canvassed the Capitol
      Hill and Park Hill – East Colfax area, but haven’t
      found anything. We are sensitive to gentrification,
      and will not perpetuate it. We are exploring the
      option of partnering with other organizations that
      might also need space, and even starting new projects
      for space [a community kitchen, a vegan pizza
      cooperative, record cooperative, etc.].

      At the meeting we discussed the importance of
      utilizing community networks to find a space, instead
      of relying on property owners only. Sarah mentioned
      that there might be some companies or individuals
      who’d be willing to give a discount on rent to
      non-profit organizations. We are committed to
      exploring collaborations, and myriad ideas about space
      and projects.

      · Volunteering

      We’re having an internal training for all existing DZL
      volunteers the week of 9/19. If you’ve volunteered
      for us but haven’t in the past few months, please
      come! A date has not been set yet and we are
      flexible! Contact Kristy directly at

      · Outreach

      The DZL is assisting Brandi, a creative writing
      instructor, to teach a writing program to a small
      group of girls at Exclesior Youth Center on D.I.Y.
      culture and zines. At this time we’re providing
      Brandi with materials and resources and discussing
      arranging a trip to the library and providing some dzl
      volunteers to speak to the girls about writing zines.
      The program will culminate in the participants
      publishing and distributing their own zine, and
      hopefully donating copies to our library.

      · Madison Zine Fest

      Some of Denver wants to go. The fest is October 15th
      from 11 am- 6pm. More information can be found at
      madisonzinefest.org. Amtrak tickets from Denver to
      Chicago one-way on the Zephyr are $82. We might be
      able to go cheaper than that with a group discount.
      We would catch a ride with Chicago to Madison. Keep
      in touch.

      Sorry for the length. Next time I’ll put in a funny
      picture for entertainment. SPECIAL THANKS to Sarah
      for coming to our meeting! We love you Sarah. Kristy
      kept minutes.


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