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Denver Zine Library wins Literary Arts MasterMind Award

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  • kelly shortandqueer
    The Denver Zine Library won Westword s first annual Literary Arts MasterMind Award, which comes with a $4,000 prize. There were a total of 5 prizes awarded to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
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      The Denver Zine Library won Westword's first annual
      Literary Arts MasterMind Award, which comes with a
      $4,000 prize. There were a total of 5 prizes awarded
      to individuals and organizations for changing the
      creative and cultural landscape of Denver.

      This unprecedented amount of money validates all of
      the work that our volunteers have done trying to
      establish ourselves in our city. Since December 2003
      when it opened, the library has functioned as an
      independent space that provides over 5,400 zines for
      loan, sends resources to people out of state, hosts
      all ages events, offers volunteer opportunities and
      literacy outreach and education, and is committed to a
      DIY existence.

      The award opens up myriad opportunities for our future
      capacity. It's up to us now to seize this big break
      and make the best of it.

      Please come celebrate the win with us on Saturday
      March 5, 8 pm. This event is free. Donations for the
      library will be accepted at the door and may include:
      Cash Money, zines, blank t-shirts or sweatshirts [for
      screen printing], zine supplies ��� staplers, paper,
      office supplies, free copy cards, and other precious
      gifts of the trade.

      A Dog Paloma
      Strangers Die Everyday
      (The) Kindercide
      Humble Ary

      There might be food, juice and soda!

      Email me to dzl@... to get involved.
      Check out our website ��� currently under construction
      but not for much longer - www.denverzinelibrary.org.
      Stop by the library on Sat. or Sun. from 1-5 pm, and
      bring your ideas, zine, lunch, band demo, whatever. We
      open the library at other times too, you can email me
      to make an appointment. We are currently located at
      1644 Platte Street, downtown, inside the Other Side

      Our deepest appreciation to: the Westword and Jason
      Heller, Anthony Camera, Patty Calhoun, Ben B. for
      pulling a late night with me at Kinko's, Kelly, Jamez,
      the Other Side Arts and all of the resources they
      provide, all those out there writing, drawing, making,
      and self publishing, sweet donations, our volunteer
      crew, and people who use the library.

      Also, thank you to the people, groups, and spaces that
      work equally as hard or more to keep our communities
      healthy, creative, inspired, and active and that know
      firsthand the rare recognition of awards like this
      one. Especially in Denver: Breakdown Book Collective,
      RAAP, Brother Jeff's Cultural Center, Derailer Bike
      Collective, Lady Fest
      Out West, Monkey Mania, Deproduction, the Other Side
      Arts, Cafe Nuba, Rainbow Alley, the Spot, dedicated
      activists, on and on and on, etc. -

      a million ways, if we could, thank you.

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