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  • D Jamez Terry
    February Newsletter I apologize for the lateness of this newsletter. Today is February 16, this should have been out around the first, and overall we try to
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      February Newsletter

      I apologize for the lateness of this newsletter. Today is February 16,
      this should have been out around the first, and overall we try to keep
      true the deadlines we set. We are however, a completely volunteer run
      community lending library and well, the volunteer power hasn�t been too
      strong of late. We need your help. Please stop by and see how you can get
      involved. Use the Library and spread the word. A library meeting this past
      week declared an all out action plan to step up the operation of the
      library, heads together we�re committed to meeting all of our deadlines.

      The Denver Zine Library welcomes Weston to our volunteer crew. Thank you
      for your cataloging work, organizing a benefit concert [March 5], and for
      scoring a XEROX machine, our first. Not only did Weston win the Xerox
      machine, he attempted to resurrect it from it�s basement grave with some
      friends � now that�s tough! But power muscle in place, the Xerox machine
      is still in some woman�s basement not being used.

      If anyone has free access to a moving company or any of the ramps used to
      move large machines, please contact the library, because we could use some
      help resolving this issue.

      Weston, you�re the volunteer of the month, congratulations. Also, thank
      you Jamez for all of your hard work at the library these past couple of
      weeks and for committing to finish our 501C3 application [with the hope
      that we may one day canvass for the library together].


      At the action meeting we decided we�re going to start a Denver Zine
      Library Membership sustainer. With membership you will get a monthly
      newsletter, a specified number of free copies a month, a t-shirt, and a
      library card. You do not need a membership to check out zines! We�re also
      starting a zine of the month distribution to thin out our doubles. DZL
      Membership and the Zine of the Month Club will each have a timeline of six
      months. More information to come �

      Upcoming EVENTS: Events are free, with a suggested donation to the
      library, and are held at the library.

      Saturday March 5, 7 pm:
      Strangers Die Everyday
      Moth Eater
      Humble Ary
      Members of Porlolo, Erin and Joe

      Thursday March 10, 7pm
      Bicycle video night at the zine library with Shawn Granton and his
      bicycle videos from Portland. Bring food if it is vegan. Check out
      zines, talk to Shawn, and watch some video.

      Saturday March 12, 3 pm:
      Shawn Granton of Ten Foot Rule
      DIY Comix Workshop. Learn how to make your own comic. Various
      techniques will be demonstrated! Shawn Granton has been self-publishing
      comics for over ten years.

      Saturday March 12, 8 pm:
      Ransom Zine and Yellow Rake Release Party! Readings by Jason Flores
      -Williams, Lenny, and Brian C. Polk, DJs and fun times -

      Saturday March 26, 7pm
      TRANNY ROAD SHOW: Kelly and Jamez, zinesters and founders of the DZL
      have organized this tour. The show will include performance art, spoken
      word, dance, comedy, music, storytelling, and more, and will be
      followed with discussion and workshops. Check out
      www.trannyroadshow.org for more info.

      Special thanks to Jeff Ball and the Other Side Arts, Eduardo, Kristy,
      Kelly, Alex [Altron], Weston, Paul Kane, Devin, Jamez, all of our
      supporters, zinesters, dedicated and real activists who don�t get thanked
      nearly enough, and to all those who donate zine collections, time and
      energy, thoughtful letter exchange, free coffee and copies, and other
      things. You�re all rad and we love you.

      Contact: PO 13826 Denver, CO 80201

      We are located inside the Other Side Arts at 1644 Platte Street, downtown.

      Hours: Sat./Sun. 1-5 pm, or by appointment.

      Email: dzl@...

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