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events and updates at the DZL

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  • D Jamez Terry
    Hey zine lovers! It s been quite a while since anything was posted to this list, but the denver zine library is alive and well and full of fun. this wednesday
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      Hey zine lovers!

      It's been quite a while since anything was posted to this list, but the
      denver zine library is alive and well and full of fun. this wednesday
      (2/9) we had an organizational meeting, and here's what we talked about:

      upcoming events - Shawn Granton (Ten Foot Rule) is doing a DIY Comics
      Workshop on Saturday, March 12, at 3pm. The Tranny Roadshow will be on
      Saturday, March 26, (time undetermined).

      copy machine - we got a working copy machine donated to the library! it
      hasn't been delivered yet but will soon be in the space, so that zines
      really can be made here from start to finish and so that you can buy cheap
      copies that support a place you care about.

      nonprofit status - a couple months ago, we filed the articles of
      incorporation to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit. we have 18 months from the
      time of doing that to turn in our full application for nonprofit status.
      this weekend we will look over the application in depth and make a plan to
      get that done asap.

      board of directors - part of the nonprofit thing means we need an official
      board of directors with at least 5 members. Kristy, Kelly, and Jamez are
      definitely on the board and there are a couple other people who might be.
      if you're interested in being part of the organizing board for the
      library, let us know.

      membership - we are going to launch a membership program this spring. for
      small fees, members will receive benefits such as free copies,
      subscriptions to the newsletter, t-shirts, membership cards, and/or
      subsciptions to the "zine of the month".

      volunteer training - to help avoid possible confusion, new volunteers will
      not be left alone in the library until they have worked 2 or 3 full shifts
      with an established volunteer.

      planning meetings - there used to be regular planning meetings and those
      have fallen away in recent months, but we are resuming bimonthly meetings.
      if you would be interested in attending and have a preference on days or
      times, let us know before we set a schedule. meetings are relaxed and
      usually involve food. also, we would like to have a joint meeting with
      the breakdown collective to help build that relationship and discuss ways
      for the two spaces to work together.

      website - the website is desperately in need of updating. kristy will
      contact kelly and bart for help/training to get it back on track.

      fundraising - the library needs money badly! we are going to contact
      relevant local businesses to request sponsorship - i.e. one month's rent,
      $120 - and offer them advertising in the newsletter as one benefit of
      sponsorship. also we need to hold more events that don't take an excess
      of planning time. we may contact the hi-dive about doing another benefit
      there. also we will look into the posibility of running an occasional
      field canvass after 501(c)3 status has been attained.

      newsletter - the february issue of the newsletter has not yet been
      completed and needs to be pulled together this weekend.

      outreach - we need volunteers to help teach zine-making workshops as part
      of the community outreach through The Other Side Arts. also, we will
      contact local zinesters (like some of you) to offer that they can use the
      library for zine release parties when they have new publications.

      other - we need to set up a bank account, check into donations of copier
      ink, move another book shelf into the space, organize and catalog like crazy...

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