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meeting minutes! woo hoo!

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    Zine Library Planning Meeting – March 21, 2004 In Attendance: Jamez, Kristy, and Kelly Zoning · The short version of the story is that a neighbor
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      Zine Library Planning Meeting � March 21, 2004


      In Attendance: Jamez, Kristy, and Kelly



              The short version of the story is that a neighbor complained about the zine library to neighborhood inspections and we received a business card from a zoning inspector. We e-mailed back and forth a few times and I later called the zoning office.  I still don�t have a clear understanding of what laws are being broken. First, we were accused of being a business (we�re not), then I was told that the fact that the library is in a detached (from the house) building was a problem.  Then I was told that we are not allowed to display any �merchandise.� I explained that we�re not selling anything, so we do not have merchandise, but they said I can�t have anything on display.  I asked about it in the context of a hobby and was told, �When I think of a hobby, I think of something I do by myself, not with everybody else.�

      • The library is NOT closing. If needed, we�ll move the space, but we will not be shut down. And we�re not going to move until we�re given actual documentation that says we can�t do what we�re doing.



      • If we have to move because of the zoning stuff, the following ideas were proposed for places:
      • The Other Side Arts has art galleries that would be fairly cheap to rent. Kristy is going to get more info on this possibility. This might be the best option since we won�t be in someone else�s space.
      • Iron Feather is a new book and zine store (at 32nd and Tejon?). Stevyn, the owner, is awesome and has been really supportive of the library. They have limited open hours, so there is a possibility that, if this works, we can have volunteers staffing the library. Jamez is going to check out Iron Feather and talk to Stevyn
      • Breakdown / Double Entendre are not as appealing because there is a greater chance of zines going missing since we don�t have enough volunteer power to have someone specifically in charge of the library. Double Entendre is not a zine-focused space. And Breakdown has so much going on in the space, that it would be impossible to have all of their volunteers know what to do with the library.


      Hi-Dive Benefit

      • The next library benefit is going to be at the Hi-Dive (right around the corner from the library) on Tuesday, April 13th.
      • We need DJs! Kelly is going to talk to Claudine since she offered to help find DJs at the Garageland benefit.
      • We�re not sure if we get to set the cover price, but if so, it�s going to be a $2-5 sliding scale.
      • Jamez is going to ask Amanda to make the flyers for the event while she�s working at the library on Wednesday (For those of you who don�t know, we have two volunteers who are putting in some time each Wednesday afternoon).
      • We�re going to set some fundraising goals.


      Garageland Benefit

      • It was a success! The party lasted until after 4am.
      • Earlier in the day, 45 people came to the zine library
      • Kelly is going to ask Mark to check in with the GL folks to see if the money situation is settled.
      • As of now, we made $210.82 that night! Woo hoo!
      • Chris Conner dumpstered a paper cutter for the zine library that was left at GL.  When we check in about the money, we�ll see if the paper cutter is still there.


      Westword Article

      • Jason Heller wrote and awesome article about the zine library for the Westword.  It came on last Thursday.  Go get a copy or read it online at http://www.westword.com/issues/2004-03-18/news.html/1/index.html


      Steve and Loretta

      • Kelly�s next door neighbor, Steve, pulled Kelly aside on Thursday to chat about some concerns he has about the library:
        • With the article published in the Westword, they�re nervous that there�s going to be a lot of traffic coming through. He did note how most of the people who are coming are on foot or bike, so parking hasn�t been a problem.
        • Dogs have been off-leash and have gotten in they�re yard.  And that doesn�t make them happy. So, we decided tonight that dogs are welcome at the library, but they must be on a leash.
        • There is not much separating the library yard from their yard.  Steve and Loretta both do a lot of gardening and are concerned about a loss of privacy.
      • Steve expressed how supportive he is of the space and doesn�t want to see it pushed out.  He offered to help with the zoning issue to show that there are people in the neighborhood who support its presence. He also said that if he finds out who complained about the library, he�d talk to them and explain that the library is a good thing.
      • We want to continue to be friendly with the neighbors, so it is important that the volunteers make sure visitors are behaving appropriately.


      Non-Profit Status

      • We are holding off on being umbrella-ed by Breakdown�s non-profit status because the connection to another organization might hurt us in terms of zoning.
      • For now, we are going to see what needs to be done to become a non-profit on our own. Kelly will download the forms and such.



      • Kelly�s computer is being really bizarre and won�t run FrontPage anymore (the program has been uninstalled and reinstalled two times). So, while the homepage has been updated, the catalog is pretty old. Kelly and Kristy are going to work on it somewhere else to make sure all the updated info is on the website.
      • Things to add to the website: a section of local zines, reviews, maybe someday have the database searchable by state. Kelly will talk to Bart about various website options.
      • Our website stats have been awesome.  Here are some numbers of how many people have gone to the website after the article in the Westword came out: Thurs: 32, Friday: 11, Saturday: 14.


      What To Do With Money We Raise

      • Kelly will check OfficeMax to see what kind of security boxes they have.  We�ll keep money in that.
      • We will not open a bank account because of zoning issues.


      Wish List

      • More shelves � we�re almost out of space
      • Wood to put in the bottom of the front-facing display shelf (if we put zines in it now, they fall too low and can�t be seen.
      • Wood to make a small table/counter next to the window by the door.  This will cover the big, weird metal thing and give us space to display flyers or use as a table.
      • A couch � Jamez spotted one behind the Laundromat near the zine library.  If it�s still there, it might be able to be carried back to the library.





      Contact Claudine to get DJs

      Send 4/13 event info to Jamez before Wed

      Ask Mark to ask GL about money and the paper cutter

      Find out what needs to be done to become a non-profit

      Work on website with Kristy

      Check out security boxes at OfficeMax

      Talk to Bart about making the website great


      Go to Iron Feather and talk to Stevyn about housing the library

      Ask Amanda to make flyers for the 4/13 event

      Talk to Amanda and Birdy about their Wednesday hours


      Check how much it would cost to rent gallery space at The Other Side Arts

      Work on website with Kelly

      Donate an extension cord


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