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event announcement and meeting minutes

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  • Kelly
    Please send the event announcement at the top of this e-mail to everyone you know in Denver... **************************************************** What? The
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      Please send the event announcement at the top of this
      e-mail to everyone you know in Denver...


      What? The Denver Zine Library has over 4,000 zines?

      Yep! And we think that�s enough reason to throw an
      all day party! Join us on Saturday, March 6th, the
      three-month anniversary of the library opening.

      Come by the library from 11am-7pm to read some zines,
      get some free food, and hear some fabulous zinesters
      read. Readings will take place at 3pm and 6pm. The
      library is located at 111 W. Archer Pl. (3 blocks
      south of 1st and 1 block west of Broadway).

      Then� at 9pm, there will be music and dancing at
      Garageland (2721 Walnut St). There is a $3-$5 sliding
      scale cover. I know you may be thinking, �Oh darn! A
      cover?� But just remember that all of the proceeds
      are going to the zine library to make it the biggest
      and best it can be. There will be two local bands �
      The Illegal Goose Band and another band to be
      announced. There will also be some local DJs
      supplying us with a rockin� dance party. Plus, $1

      Woo hoo!

      For more information, check out
      www.geocities.com/denverzinelibrary or contact
      tomatoeslove@... or 303-282-4980.


      Also, we need volunteers for this weekend! Sign up on
      the website

      And please let us know if you want to volunteer to
      help at the event on the 6th.

      Thanks, kelly

      These minutes are a little outdated since we have more
      info now and planned the event, but just in case you
      were interested...

      DZL meeting Feb 8th @ 6p.m.

      4000 zine event:

      Place/time: holding off for Garage Land, asking for
      March 6th but
      willing to hold off for the weekend after or the one
      proceeding that

      Bands: dance party with DJ's, talked to Alyssa @ GL
      about possible DJ's, (type of music?), also indecision
      as to what bands will perform

      Money: donations, Mark tabling RRCC, admission for
      event $3-5 sliding scale, also $1 PBRs during event

      Food: Bagels @ DZL during the day,

      Events @ DZL: two events in 1/2 hour increments 3p.m.
      & 6p.m.- zinester readings, zinester-dominated music,
      -(ask for additional help/ideas on yahoo list)

      Advertising: Flyers- lipgloss, 80's prom night,
      highdive Post on: Denver Revolution, DZL website,
      friendster/livejournal, Garage Land website (if held

      Jobs during events: Door, Bar, Clean up, (all of which
      volunteers of DZL can alternate during events

      Possible backup venues if GL says no: Monkey Mania,
      Lost Lake, then if those both fail, Breakdown

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