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a meeting, a party, and other excitement...

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  • D Jamez Terry
    Hey Zine Lovers! We had our monthly planning meeting this Sunday, and it was small, but productive. The meetings are fairly short and always fun - think about
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      Hey Zine Lovers!

      We had our monthly planning meeting this Sunday, and it was small, but
      productive. The meetings are fairly short and always fun - think about
      coming to the next one. They're open to everyone, whether or not you've
      ever come before. In any case, here are this week's minutes. There's
      some exciting stuff here (like an upcoming party), so read on...

      March 1, 2004 6pm
      Attendance: Kelly (facilitator), Jamez (minutes), and Mark (timekeeper)

      First we talked about fundraising ideas.
      - Mark is in college at Red Rocks, and he will check with his school about
      tabling on campus. This would be great outreach, and he could also sell
      zine doubles and such.
      - Kelly suggested having a fundraiser event at the Hi Dive (a bar/venue on
      Broadway, near the library.) Ideas were thrown out for what this event
      might be, but no plans yet. Kelly will talk to the Hi Dive to see if this
      is a realistic option.
      - We decided that we should have DZL t-shirts. The Skanky Pirates
      (Whitney and Shari) could screen them for us and they do sales on
      consignment, but we need to first come up with a design idea. Anyone got
      any ideas?? Whether you're an artist and want to draw something or you
      just have a concept that you want to throw out for someone else to draw,
      please do so. Share your ideas with the list here, and let's discuss!

      Then we talked about having a party...
      - We are over 3,900 zines right now, and hitting 4,000 seems like a good
      excuse for a party. We've probably already got enough stuff (uncataloged)
      to push us over the edge.
      - To give us enough planning time, we set the party for Saturday, March 6,
      which happens to be the library's 3-month anniversary.
      - After much discussion about what the party should be like and where it
      should be held, this is the tentative plan for now: During the normal
      library hours, we will have food and zine readings, maybe music and art,
      etc - but keep it fairly low-key. Then, around 9 or so, we have the wild
      half of the party somewhere else, with bands and/or djs, and dancing and
      general rowdiness.
      - The tentative location for that stuff is Garageland (a warehouse at 27th
      and Walnut). Mark is friends with one of the people who leases it and
      talked to them about the idea. We have a tentative yes right now.
      They're totally into the idea, but need to get back to us to confirm the
      date. We'll know for sure sometime this week.
      - Some of the bands we might talk to about playing are Scumbag Family
      Dinner, Nippon Cha Cha Cha, Bad Weather California, and Bart's band
      (name??). Other suggestions would be welcome. Also, Jason Heller was
      suggested as a DJ.
      - Kelly is in charge of getting food donated. Einstein's has made it
      clear that they would give us food again (they donated to the opening
      party), and she will also contact Food Not Bombs, as well as Ellen, who
      may have connections to getting other food.
      *** Next Sunday, the 8th, we are meeting at 6pm to work on planning the
      party. This meeting will deal only with the party and is guarunteed fun.
      We'll probably order pizza or something if folks want to. please, please
      come, so we can make this party a rockin' good time! ***

      Next topic: non-profit status
      - Breakdown Book Collective has said that we can be under their non-profit
      status, so that we can write grants
      - First we need to get a trade name. Kelly has the info on how to do that
      and will get it taken care of.
      - We also need to create a mission statement document. It has to include:
      who we are, what we do, and how we make decisions. (We also need to be
      able to demonstrate how that fits within Breakdown's mission)
      - At next month's meeting (March 7, 6pm) we will talk about our mission
      statment. The goal is to have that completed in that meeting, so please
      think about it beforehand and come with ideas or drafts. If you are
      unable to come to the meeting, but have any ideas or suggestions, please
      send them to the list to be discussed. And we can start this discussion
      now, if people want to...

      There was a question of displaying zinester flyers that people send us,
      and we decided not to display them, but to leave them in a "free" box.

      And finally, Virus Zine requested an interview about the zine library for
      their next issue. The questions were e-mailed to Kelly, who answered
      them. Jamez and Mark both went through her answers and edited. The
      responses have now been sent back, so look for that to be released soon...

      Hope to see all of you this Sunday!
      Take care,

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