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Meeting Minutes with an Opening date for the library!

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  • Kelly
    Hey everyone- Sorry if you re getting this more than once. My e-mail is being weird... Here they are! The minutes from another super-productibe meeting. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2003
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      Hey everyone-
      Sorry if you're getting this more than once. My e-mail is being weird...
      Here they are! The minutes from another super-productibe meeting. We decided when the library is going to offically open, but read below to see what else needs to get done and what questions are still unanswered.
      have a great day,

      Zine Library Planning Meeting � October 26th, 2003


      In Attendance: Kelly, Jamez, Dani


      What is the line between a zine and a professional comic book?

      • We will carry all non-corporate / independent comic books
      • If someone objects to a comic book that is in the library, it can be brought to the collective and we�ll decide on a case-by-case basis


      Selling zines

      • Doubles of zines will be sold through grab bags on the Internet.  Jamez and Kelly have observed this to be a successful method of selling zines quickly, and it should be an easy way for the Denver Zine Library to get some money.
      • Jamez volunteered to coordinate the selling of grab bags by putting a notice on Internet listservs and filling and mailing orders.
      • Collective members are welcome to donate their own zines to be included in the grab bags, but we will not ask collective members to give copies for sale in the library space.


      Volunteer Shifts

      • Shifts will be 4 hours long.  Saturdays: 11-3 and 3-7.  Sundays: 1-5
      • Two volunteers are encouraged to work each shift, but the library can be open with one person.


      Opening Day

      • The library will officially open on Saturday, December 6, 2003
      • There will be an opening event Friday evening, December, 5, 2003.  There was a suggestion to get local musicians (possibly including Bad Weather California) to play along with a variety of zine readings.



      • 3 is the maximum number of zines that someone can take out at once.
      • Kelly received a box of zines and books as a donation to the library from someone who advertised on a listserv.
      • Jamez & Kelly bought a mold for making stepping-stones.  All we need now is concrete.


      To Do before opening

      • Make flyers advertising the library: one side will be an announcement of the opening date; the other will be soliciting donations for the library.
      • Alphabetize and put zines on display.
      • Get a heater
      • Patch the side window
      • Get chairs/furniture
      • Set up a volunteer schedule
      • Create a website through Breakdown (?)
      • Plan the opening event
      • Advertise for the opening event
      • Make a ramp
      • Do we have a name? Is it �Denver Zine Library� or should it be something else?
      • Make stepping stones
      • Light outside of the library
      • Create a searchable paper copy of the catalog
      • Finish categorizing zines


      Work Party

      • There will be a work party on Sunday, November 2 from 4-7pm.  There are lots of fun jobs to be done like painting, collaging, and looking at zines.  The more people who come, the more fun and easy the work will be!


      Next Meeting

      • The next meeting will be on Sunday, November 9, 7:30pm at 111 W. Archer Pl.
      • Please feel free to voice any ideas for future agendas on the listserv or bring them to the next meeting.
      • There are only 2 meetings left before the zine library is scheduled to open.  Please voice any ideas / concerns / suggestions if you have them.


      Future agenda items

      • Does anyone want a �read� column in the database to track which zines you�ve read?
      • Does anyone have a zip-drive we can use to put the database onto the laptop?
      • Does anyone have a copy of Miscrosoft Office (including Access)?
      • What should the opening event be?


      Advertising Ideas

      • Post flyers � Full page size on bulletin boards, quarter size for giving out
        • Double Entendre
        • Breakdown
        • Mercury Caf�
        • Watercourse
        • PFLAG newsletter
        • Places in Boulder
        • Wax Traxx
        • Bookstores
        • Music Stores
      • Ad in Westword and OUTFront if we can get them free
      • Mailing flyers to friends / fellow zinesters
      • Post on Websites
        • Denverevolution.org
        • Auraria GLBTSS listerv
        • Breakdown?
        • Markus of passionate resistance zine distro said he wants to post the info on his website.

      Do you Yahoo!?
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