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minutes from 10/12 meeting

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  • Jamez Terry
    hey everyone! here are the minutes from our last meeting - sorry for taking a few extra days to get them out. have a great weekend! jamez Meeting 10/12/03 In
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2003
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      hey everyone! here are the minutes from our last meeting - sorry for
      taking a few extra days to get them out. have a great weekend!

      Meeting 10/12/03

      In Attendance: Kelly, Jamez, Jeremiah

      What Hours Will The Zine Library Be Open?
      -Ultimately, this will need to be somewhat dependent on how many
      volunteers we have
      -Upon opening, it will be weekends only: Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 1-5
      -We'll survey people who come in about what weeknight(s) we should be
      open, and adapt the schedule within a reasonable timeframe
      -It can also be open by appointment, whenever Kelly or Jamez (or
      anyone else) is around.
      -Question: what will volunteer shifts be?

      Zine Doubles & Sales
      -There was discussion of whether we should actually make copies of
      every zine we have. We decided that the answer is no, at least for
      the time being.
      -A possible project would be to compile a list of zinesters' contact
      info, making it easier to gain replacement copies if that's needed.
      -It was decided that all doubles are going to be sold. There are
      quite a lot of them already, and this should provide some revenue for
      the library.
      -Question: Should those of us who make zines donate some copies for
      sale? This was debated, but needs to be discussed again before a
      decision is made.

      Zine Check Out Procedures
      -There will not be any membership fees or deposits required.
      -People will be allowed to remove zines from the library after they
      have come in 3 times. There will be a self sign-in system to track
      attendance, and contact info (phone or e-mail) will be requested when
      someone begins checking out items.
      -Zines will be due back in 2 weeks, and nothing new may be checked
      out by people with outstanding items. (Idea: We should have a
      deposit box, so that zines may be returned at any time. What form
      should that take exactly?)
      -If a person loses or damages a zine while it is in their possession,
      they will be asked to pay for it. If, for any reason, they are
      unable to do so, they can "pay" by working – cataloging zines or
      something like that. If this happens 3 times, that person may no
      longer check out items.

      Soliciting Zines for the Library
      -No zines will be solicited for the purpose of sale.
      -Solicitations for the library collection can be made on individual
      bases. We are not buying, only accepting donations. We can also put
      out flyers to request donations.
      -When the library is open, we can keep track of zines that people
      request/look for, which are not in our collection, and try to obtain
      them. We can also work on filling in gaps in series that we have.
      -Anyone who donates zines through the mail should receive a response
      from us.

      Returning Zines to Their Original Owners
      -No zines will be returned. Only donate zines that you are willing
      to give up permanently!
      -If there are zines that you want to keep, consider making copies and
      giving one set to the library.
      -Since this decision had not been made previously, if you have
      already donated anything that you think you'd like back, let Kelly
      know and/or come to retrieve it as soon as possible.

      Keyword/Location List Review
      -Decisions were made to add the keywords: feminism, religion, and
      rape. Punk was suggested but will not be added.
      -"How to" will become "How to/D.I.Y", and "Grammar Q&A/Word
      Watchers/Word Play" will become "Grammar/Vocabulary".

      "Read" Columns for Collective Members
      -These columns allow you to mark which of the zines in the library's
      collection you have read, for your own personal tracking and so that
      people can ask questions effectively.
      -Anyone who wants a column should let Kelly know, and she'll add one
      for you.

      Computer Stuff
      -The zine database is too large to fit on a floppy disk (for backup
      or transfer to the laptop). A CD has not yet been tried, but it may
      require a Zip drive. (Is this something that anyone has?)
      -The laptop (IBM Thinkpad) was checked and it definitely works. It
      is running Windows 95 and has CD and floppy drives.

      Random Other Stuff
      -Kelly is expecting a significant donation of zines in the mail
      from "Adam".
      -Jeremiah has been working on a ramp to make the space wheelchair-
      accessible, and that is still in progress.
      -Breakdown has offered us a financial partnership, which would allow
      us to use their status as a nonprofit to apply for grants, etc. They
      are also willing to provide us with a page on their website to be
      used until we are able to develop our own.

      Needed/Wanted Reminders
      -The combination for the lock (Paul)
      -Boxes, cereal or otherwise – everyone please save these.
      -Space heater (Mark, are you still able to donate one?)
      -New glass for the bottom pane of the side window
      -Coffeepot (Paul?) and hot pot (Jenni?)
      -Display Shelf (Paul)
      -Lights for the outside of the building
      -Path markers for the side yard (Paul or Morgan?)

      Next Meeting
      -The next meeting will be on Sunday, October 26th at 7:30pm. Again,
      it will be held at 111 W Archer Pl (in the Baker neighborhood).
      -In that meeting, we will discuss the remaining questions from the
      above discussions, as well as any other agenda items that anyone
      -It has been suggested that we also go ahead and set an opening date,
      figure out what exactly needs to happen
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