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86Denver Zine Library Open House (Sunday, June 17th) and other good stuff

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  • annami_ysh
    Jun 16, 2007
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      Hello friends!

      Here is the latest and greatest from your favorite library.

      This is a last minute reminder for those of you who didn't already

      The Denver Zine Library is hosting an Open House Fundraiser tomorrow,
      Sunday, June 17th from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm at the library. We are only
      $150 away from becoming a non profit and would love your help to get
      us there.

      Come on down, check out our lovely new shelves, over 7000 zines, and
      bring a dish to share.

      Everyone is welcome!

      The Denver Zine Library is located at:

      1644 Platte St., Studio 103
      inside The Other Side Arts Gallery.


      The Denver Zine Library will also be taking a roadtrip up to Fort
      Collins for an Independent Media Event on Saturday, June 30th

      Stay posted for more info on this...


      And don't forget...KING-CAT CLASSIX OUT NOW!

      The King-Cat Classix book is available NOW! through the Drawn and
      Quarterly website, and at bookstores, comic shops and online
      retailers. This is a big 384 page hardcover collection of the "best
      of" the first fifty issues of King-Cat!

      Check out http://www.king-cat.net/ for more info and to support Denver
      local John Porcellino!


      Other Independent media to check out:

      CONCEIT MAGAZINE is a small press magazine designed to promote and
      showcase other writer's literary work and their accomplishments. We
      publish poetry, short stories, articles, essays, websites, awards, new
      book and new magazine announcements. We are truely a networking
      source. JOIN US!!

      Keep watching for updated messages on the website:



      The Denver Zine Library is an all volunteer lending library with a
      collection of over 7,000 zines.
      We are located at: 1644 Platte St., Studio 103 (inside The Other Side
      Arts gallery)
      We are open Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 - 5:00 pm or by

      Contact us: denverzinelibrary@...