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45good news!

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  • Kelly
    Apr 16, 2004
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      the benefit at the library on tuesday was a success!
      we made $79 for the night. while it would have been
      good to see more people there, the folks who came had
      a great time. there was awesome music and fantastic
      dance moves. plus, we still have little to no

      there is a zine making workshop at breakdown book
      collective this sunday, 4/18 at 2pm. come with your
      ideas for a zine or bring the materials for the zine
      you're already working on. we'll have lots of zines
      for you to peruse to check out various formats of

      also, we still need a volunteer for the 2nd shift this
      saturday (3-7pm). yes, i know that i'm not signed up,
      but my second job is on weekends now so i put in
      volunteer time at other times. also, please sign up
      for the future weekends too. if you've volunteered
      before, please sign up with your name in all caps and
      if you're a new volunteer sign up in lowercase. this
      system seems to work...

      hope to see you at the library soon.

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