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4king-cat comics & stories 'party'/ alternative press night

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  • Misun Oh
    Aug 24, 2003
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      Hey Kelly and Jamez,
      there's a brand new issue of King-Cat comics &
      stories coming out next week, and in celebration I'm
      organizing a casual 'party' on Sat. Sept 6th, 8 pm. At
      Lost Lake, 2921 Walnut.
      We (me and John) wanted to ask other zine people
      and alternative press, comics people, etc, to come out
      and bring their stuff.
      Would you 2 be interested in bringing your zines?
      Email me, misunoh@..., or feel free to call
      (303)832-1394, if you have any questions.
      By the way, yes, i'd like to trade zines.
      ALSO: John has several boxes of zines that he'd LOVE
      to donate for the future zine library. Would we be
      able to drop them off with you guys? He's been
      wanting to donate them to a zine library and had even
      contacted a few of them across the country, but hasn't
      really heard anything back. Let us know if you have
      the storage space, Thanks.
      We'll be putting up flyers soon about this
      Alternative press night at Lost Lake.
      hope to hear from you soon. take care, Misun

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