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37calling all zinesters....

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  • D Jamez Terry
    Feb 16, 2004
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      Hey zinesters!

      So March 6th is our 3 month anniversary of being open. And we've crossed
      over 4000 zines in our collection. So, for those two reasons, we're gonna
      celebrate big!!!

      Besides the big party that night at Garageland, we're also gonna have some
      more low-key events during the library's open hours. And that's why I'm
      writing... We wanna have 30-40 minute blocks of zinesters reading (or
      singing or dancing or whatever they do) at 3 and at 5 on the 6th. We're
      getting food donated, and we'll advertise as much as we can...

      So what I'm looking for is zinesters who want to perform! I'm in charge
      of the lineup, so if you're interested, get back to me as soon as you


      ps - in other exciting news, this weekend all 6 volunteer shifts were
      filled by different people. that was a first - let's keep it up!

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