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35amsterdam zine library

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  • Misun Oh
    Jan 31, 2004
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      > the pink light collective (some self important
      > bunch-a-identity politico's in amsterdam hahaha) is
      > trying to set up a zine library and we want
      > YOU to help.
      > we're after copies of zines that deal with
      > gender/feminist/queer issues (also along the general
      > ´┐Żnything we like' theme; eg hobo redundant self
      > indulgent arbitrary zines etc)
      > so that: we can have a range of ideas on this kind
      > of shit to share with others, show those oh-so-tough
      > politicos that politics can be sexy and sex
      > political- and lets face it, never have to
      > worry about running out of stuff to wipe our
      > asses/doodle on/rip to bits in a tantrum/ force feed
      > the neighbour's baby to shut the fucking thing up
      > (direct action or what!)!
      > at first the collection is gonna be portable (read:
      > suitcase), and means
      > that we can take it to various places including
      > the ***as yet un-named*** queer cooking/food/info
      > day at the CIA.
      > basically, if you make zines, know/fuck someone who
      > does, have spares,
      > or have really shit-tastically good ones that we can
      > copy and send back, or whatever, then reply to
      > this / get in touch / or send em in to:
      > pinklightlibrary
      > Balistraat 39hs
      > 1094JC
      > Amsterdam
      > Nederlands
      > pinklight@...
      > thanks,
      > bre.xxxx.
      > (and forward this to anyone who might care)

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