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29this weekend

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  • D Jamez Terry
    Dec 26, 2003
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      hey all!

      stuff continues to go well with the library - at least a couple people
      have been coming in on each open day, and there was even a "by
      appointment" opening this week...

      we have a lot of people who've expressed interest in volunteering, and i
      am goin to contact them today to start working that out.

      in the meantime, we need coverage for this weekend. jenni is signed up
      for the sunday shift, but so far that's it! kelly's out of town, and i
      can cover saturday by myself if i have to, altho i'd prefer not to have
      to. and i have to work (at my "real" job) sunday, so if anyone can take
      the sunday shift along with jenni, that would be rad.

      we haven't figured out an online shift signup method yet, altho there is a
      signup clipboard in the library itself. anyone who can work this weekend,
      please call me (303-282-4980) or e-mail me, as soon as you can.

      also, kelly updated the website a whole lot and put up pictures from the
      opening event. you should all check it out:

      and one last piece of news... my friend, dan buck from south dakota, just
      sent us 6 boxes filled with zines - a huge donation! dan is rad, and our
      shelves are gonna be even fuller as soon as we can get them all cataloged.

      hope to see you all soon,

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