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26we need your help flyering!

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  • Kelly
    Nov 28 10:20 AM
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      Hey everyone-


      The opening of the zine library is exactly a week away and we need help flyering!


      Jamez made some fantastic flyers and we already put them in a bunch of places (see below), but we need as many to go out as possible.  Since we�re going to be out of town for the weekend, we put an envelope on the front door with the extra flyers. Please, please, please come and get some and put them in your favorite hangout places or anywhere you think they should go.  Please take as many as you think you�ll need, but leave some for other folks to pick up.


      Just an update: the lineup for the opening event is pretty exciting (although it�s not too late to sign up � talk to Jamez) and we are getting free bagels from Einstein�s Bagels. Woo hoo! There are 2712 item in the computer catalog at the moment and we still have a handful more to put in.  Also, the space is almost completely set up (although anyone who wants to help finish that work in the upcoming week would be welcome to do so).  We still need more display boxes (preferably ones that can hold half size zines).


      AND... we have a webpage - http://www.geocities.com/denverzinelibrary/index.html

      Right now, it just has the same information as the flyers, but I'll make it fancier soon.


      So, tell all your friends, advertise any way you think is good and we'll see you on Friday!


      Have a great weekend,



      Places already flyered:

      • Breakdown
      • Double Entendre
      • Heaven Sent Me
      • Wired
      • Laundromat on Broadway and Bayaud
      • Ichabod�s Books
      • Freaky�s on Broadway and Irvington
      • Get Fired Up on Broadway and 1st
      • Twist & Shout (& Underground)
      • Wax Trax (& Wax Trax II)
      • Watercourse
      • Mercury Caf�
      • Tattered Cover (LoDo)
      • Ross-Broadway Library (Lincoln and Bayaud)
      • Relatively Wilde
      • Mutiny Now

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