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11An update & some reminders

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  • D Jamez Terry
    Sep 23, 2003
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      Hey all!

      We had a great work party on Sunday. Six people came and we got a bunch
      of boxes cut and painted for holding zines. Some were collaged, and some
      are yet to be done. And we still need lots more, so everyone please save
      the boxes from your cereal, pasta, etc... We working on sanding and
      painting two shelves that needed it, and Paul also brought over 3 more
      shelves that are ready to use, plus a bulletin board and more zines to be
      cataloged. We got a lot done, but there is still more to do, and we
      should plan another one of these soon - that can be set up at the next
      meeting, which brings me to...

      The next meeting is this Sunday! This one will again be held at 111 W
      Archer Pl (Denver), which is also the address of the zine library. It's
      at 7:30 pm. Anyone needing directions or anything is welcome to call
      303-282-4980 and talk to me or Kelly. Everyone is encouraged to attend,
      although I should note that I will be out of town and won't be present

      And finally, we still have a ton of zines to be cataloged (and I know that
      some of you have your own zines to put in as well.) If anyone wants to
      set up a time to come over and catalog, that'd be awesome. E-mail
      tomatoeslove@... or call the above number to make sure someone will
      be here to let you in...

      Hope everyone's having a fabulous week! See you soon...

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