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Re: Please Forward Starhawk in Colorado

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  • chris wloch
    hey folks here s the info on Starhawk s return to Boulder at the end of October. unfortunately, her book-signing is the same night as the Witch s Ball. Star s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2004
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      hey folks

      here's the info on Starhawk's return to Boulder at the
      end of October. unfortunately, her book-signing is the
      same night as the Witch's Ball. Star's new book is
      amazing and her best yet imho:


      the movie about Marija Gimbutas on Sunday is defintely
      worth checking out:

      thee origynal sinnerjee

      Naropa University Extended Studies presents

      STARHAWK in Colorado...

      October 23 � Sat 7 - 9pm, $15
      Earth Path: A Talk and Booksigning
      with Starhawk
      Our own living relationship with nature is the ground
      of earth-based spirituality.� But how do we stay
      connected in an alienating world? How do we bear the
      pain of the earth's destruction, and awaken the hope,
      will, and power that can help us become healers of the
      earth and ourselves?� In this talk, Starhawk draws on
      material from her new book, Earth Path: Grounding Your
      Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature, showing us how to
      hear what the earth tells us, understand her rhythms
      and cycles, and act to protect and restore her
      well-being. In so doing, we heal our own splits, and
      become whole once again.

      October 24 � Sun 2 - 6pm, $55
      Peace Is Our Birthright
      with Starhawk and Donna Read

      �Civilization has always had war and violence,� most
      historians tell us. But history is only the written
      record, and war a relatively recent invention. What
      came before, in the many thousands of years of
      earliest human culture?

      Join author and activist Starhawk and filmmaker Donna
      Read for a special screening of their new film Signs
      Out of Time, about the life and impact of
      archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. Dr. Gimbutas found
      evidence that the earliest cultures of Old Europe were
      egalitarian, Goddess-centered, and peaceful, leaving
      art instead of weapons. Signs will be followed by a
      discussion with the filmmakers. Then, bring it into
      your bones as Starhawk leads a ritual to invoke our
      birthright of interconnection and cooperation, our
      visions of a peaceful future, and our commitment to
      bring it into being.

      Starhawk is one of the most respected voices in modern
      Goddess religion and earth-based spirituality. She is
      the author or coauthor of ten books, including the
      classic The Spiral Dance and The Fifth Sacred Thing.�
      Her latest is Earth Path, debuting in October from
      HarperSF. Starhawk is a veteran of progressive
      movements and deeply committed to bringing the
      techniques and creative power of spirituality to
      political activism. She travels internationally
      teaching magic, the tools of ritual, and the skills of

      Donna Read is one of the original members of Studio D,
      the innovative women�s studio of the National Film
      Board of Canada. She is best known for directing and
      editing the Women and Spirituality trilogy: Goddess
      Remembered (1989), The Burning Times (1990), and Full
      Circle (1991). The trilogy has won awards, been
      broadcast on TV several times, remains a backlist
      bestseller, and
      continues to influence women�s studies today. Donna
      Read and Starhawk have formed Belili Productions, and
      are at work on their next film about permaculture and
      environmental solutions: Growing Resistance.�


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