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I want to ordain Ministers & Reverends right now!

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  • plurchurch
    Become an Ordained & legally recognized Minister right now, male or female, any age, anyone!!! I can provide you with that title recognized in all 50 states
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002
      Become an Ordained & legally recognized Minister right now, male or
      female, any age, anyone!!! I can provide you with that title
      recognized in all 50 states & giving you the powers to officiate
      weddings, absolve persons of their sins & wrongdoings, and in some
      cases receive perks & discounts on things such as airfare, hotels,
      prescriptions, etc., subject to those company's policies.

      Should you choose to follow the path of the ministry, there are but a
      few simple things to know.

      We are a non-denominational church, meaning that we do not require you
      to be of any specific faith, or to surrender any affiliation you may
      already have with an existing faith. You do not even need to become a
      member of our church, for that matter, you can start your own! We
      worship the glories of the human heart & spirit rather than follow the
      traditions of any particular religion.

      Also, we ask only that you utilize your personal ministry to create a
      happier & more peaceful universe. Especially true in these times, it
      is more important than ever to fight the battles against evil &
      wrongdoing with your faith in P.L.UR. (Peace, Love, Unity & Respect).

      Are you ready to share your gift? We ask only a one-time processing
      fee of $49 which goes towards adding your name to, and maintaining,
      our registry of ministers worldwide. Legally, you will become a
      minister once your name is entered into our registry. You will be
      sent a confirmation of this by email and/or postal service mail as per
      your request along with a certificate stating your ordainment as a
      minister. Remember, once you become a minister you are a minister for
      life unless you renounce your ordination so there are no evaluations,
      tests or other fees ever!!!

      Simply PayPal the processing $49 fee to us by going to www.paypal.com
      & using "plurchurch@..." as our User ID. If you do not yet have a
      PayPal account you may set one up for free using any checking account
      by going to www.paypal.com

      you may print out this page, fill in the blanks & mail it to the
      address below with your Money Order made out to "The Church of PLUR".

      Print & fill out this page & mail with your fee to us:

      Your full legal
      (Must be correct to be legally recognized)

      Your email address:__________________________________________________

      Your mailing

      Please make check or Money Order in the amount of $49 payable to
      "Church of PLUR" & mail it along with this form to us at:

      Church of PLUR
      PO Box 931891
      Los Angeles, CA 90093

      (You will receive confirmation of your ordination as a minister within
      2 days after we receive your payment. This will be sent via email.
      Whether or not we reach you through email, we will send your
      certificate through the US mail to the address you provided & you will
      still legally become a minister once we re
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