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The anti christ and the mark of the beast

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  • Sandmacker
    The antichrist and the mark of the beast has been one of the most talked of topics in history. We have made claims that the Pope ,Hitler, variuos presidents of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2011
      The antichrist and the mark of the beast has been one of the most talked of topics in history. We have made claims that the Pope ,Hitler, variuos presidents of the USA , Saddam Hussain, and other Muslim leaders have been the antichrist. We base this on their previous actions and assume that they will be considered the antichrist by the world .

      But; How will the antichrist be revealed and who will 'authorise' the arrival?

      Like wise , allsorts of theories have been presented on what is the "mark" and when it will come into being?

      There is no question that even the skeptical are now starting to question the way world events are coming into being and to what purpose they serve.

      Many now are actively searching for the antichrist and the 'mark'.

      Let's see if this may solve some of the questions.

      An antichrist is someone who defies or actively the authority of Christ, whom we have been led to believe to be Jesus the Christ,son of God or the original creator of at least humanity . Based on this assumption , there are more 'antichrists' than christians world wide
      But the talk is of THE Antichrist, of whom many identify with Satan ,the devil , the serpent ,beelzebub etc. There is no evidence in the Bible that there is a connection between the Antichrist and Satanism .

      So when does the Antichrist appear?

      In this day and age, because of the unfortunate event in New York , according to The USA leaders ,every one now as as a result of the event,is a potential terrorist, and the only way to combat this is to guarantee everyones identification , and monitor their cash flow by digitizing it .
      It is quite unusual how since that fateful day , the governments of the world ,along with airports,security firms , banks , phone companies , computer companies, etc have some how seamlessly brought this into existance whereby we are required to give a digital imprint and facial scan as a "badge of servitude", or ID . We now have in place technology being created that will allow for the digitising of money .Eftpos cards are now visa cards. Phones are being turned into visa cards. In Sydney it is currently being tested with 20,000 outlets.
      This seems to co incide with the Biblical text in Revelations 13;16
      We are to recieve a mark in the right hand or the forehead lest no man buy or sell .
      The word receive in the Greek actually says 'to smite with the palm of the hand'
      Mark means 'A badge of servitude'
      And Forehead means 'the face'

      Is it a mere coincidence it that the current technological ,security , and financial changes fit in directly with the Biblical prophecies .
      Of course ,nary a mention in the media about this despite the obvious .
      But ; under civil law you can choose , and the prophecy clearly state that 'ALL' will be forced to do this.
      Enter the DORA law.
      DORA??? Defence Of The Realm Act .

      World wide , from the Middle East to North Korea the threat of war is looming . War games directly aimed at China and North Korea have been practiced by The West.
      Now with the death of a Saudi Arabian royal ,the threat of terror has significantly increased, and nations world wide are 'upping' their security to asnwer the threat.
      Ironically ,thousands of accounts got accessed via the play stations world wide.
      With 44 billion dollars spent in Australia to upgrade our aging broad band system , now , more than ever , we have the capacity to have every one to 'give/receive' a digital imprint and a facial scan to ensure their identity and to exchange money.

      If a war does start ,and we are to give our imprints as a form of ID ,to be sure , there will be some that won't . They will be labelled right,wrong or indifferent as a terrorist or a doomsday cultist, and will be brought before the judicial stystem and tried accordingly.
      Somewhere , a man will stand and will destroy the mighty(royal families)and the holy(the church) people and cause the craft to prosper.He will defend himself using the Bible as his defence and in this will expose the reality and the reason for the existance of the church, the royals , and the secret societies .

      The church leaders , being the King of England and/or the Pope will in probability label this very person as the Antichrist.

      Others will label him as the Little King.

      During the trial he wll expose the prophecies of the Bible and some will call him the Prophet for he will have two witnessess.

      How might this person be?
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