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  • Zejith Themis
    you still have read nothing, i repeat, nothing of what i told you to read. you continue to spew empty propagandistic babble. it took you until now to think
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 14, 2004
      you still have read nothing, i repeat, nothing of what i told you to
      read. you continue to spew empty propagandistic babble. it took you
      until now to think (and i use the term loosely) of a response to my
      noting of your sin of pride in judging folks arbitrarily.

      furthermore there is no "100% success rate" in any sort of "prophetic
      truth" as you claim (as usual with absolutely no facts to support
      your claim) and there are in fact dozens of failed biblical
      prophecies. reinterpreting them to mean that they have yet to pass is
      both infantile wishful thinking and blatantly manipulative.

      your "technique" in answering is absolutely typical of apologetics
      and absolutely useless. i once again ask you, out of a sense of
      decency that i am presumptuously assuming you have, to read some of
      the refutations before answering with useless prattle. i would also
      ask for some facts on your part in lieu of the above mentioned
      useless prattle.

      the judgement that i "spoke of" was your innuendo that i "hate the
      light of jesus because i am evil" from YOUR post. you blur points to
      avoid your own fallacies. and what is the "warning from hell" that is
      interpreted as "the judgement itself"? are you making stuff up as you
      go along because you realise you have no platform whatsoever?

      please PLEASE understand that in continuing to respond with unfounded
      claims, insults, innuendo and blind refutation of fact you are in
      fact worsening your position. if you had true faith you would examine
      the contentions of the detractors of your universal book without
      fear. once again, i will re-post the serious reading list for you, as
      chick publications have no bearing on reality.

      1) http://mythofjesus.org.uk/

      2) http://halexandria.org/

      3) zecharia stichin, the twelfth planet
      4) zecharia stichin, the lost book of enki
      5) the pentateuch
      6) the al-qur'an
      7) the bible
      8) the eight pillars of wisdom
      9) any primer on logic and critical thinking

      the first one would be good for you to peruse THOROUGHLY before
      spewing again. especially this section:


      as you will see exactly why your style of response is completely
      unsatisfactory in anything remotely resembling a serious conversation.

      if you respond again without any noticeable attempt at actual
      thought, examination of data and logical thinking "...i will taunt
      you another time..."

      Z. Themis

      --- In demonologyandtheoccult@yahoogroups.com, bluecranefist
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > You speak of judgement. Yes, but the judgement is the judgement of
      > Hell that mankind pronounces upon its own self. I find it
      > though that you have mistaken the warning from Hell as the
      > itself. That "shaky" document that yourefer to has had a 100%
      > rate in prophetic truth which verifies its own stability.

      --- In
      > demonologyandtheoccult@yahoogroups.com, "cydonianbanana"
      > <cydonianbanana@y...> wrote:
      > > and PS: you didn't read squat before posting again, much less the
      > > whole list i gave ya so you're not really serious about this
      > > discussion. you have lame quotes from a shaky document (see the
      > site
      > > i gave you to see how shaky) that you use to judge people and act
      > > superior.....................

      [remainder of post deleted]
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