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Re: Demonlogy Answers

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  • cydonianbanana
    in fact the saints are mere reccolections and transfigurations of pagan gods, because OY-weh doesn t hold water (snicker) you only know about the oral
    Message 1 of 31 , Mar 31, 2004
      in fact the saints are mere reccolections and transfigurations of
      pagan gods, because OY-weh
      doesn't hold water (snicker) you only know about the 'oral tradition'
      from what's written of it, and i insist that jokin' moses colluded in
      an immense fraud. the hole-in-one is a fake, and the proof was
      written long before the semitic people were, as such. any 'truth of
      history' you have derives through both the people of moses and the
      catholic church, the ones i cite predate sanskrit. christian sects
      crush knowledge of ancient culture, science, occultism, spiritualism
      and the use of the true power in humanity, the 'likeness'. the doom
      from eating both trees would most likely have been human. i mean
      really, who makes these trees (obviously not needing them in your
      version) just as bait for doom? your god is either truly sick or a
      fraud. and if you come back with some mysteries of the faith response
      i'll discontinue my part of the discussion. "how do we know? by the
      bow set in the sky.." refraction exists because of god's promise? are
      you a catechist or are you retarded? how many innnocents were
      martyred by protestants, catholics, jews and other ehoim-adonai-
      tetragrammaton-allah-"all-in-one" lovers just under SUSPICION of not
      holding the same viewpoint? the histories you read are heavily
      weighted by the opinion of the writers. ceasar wrote disparigangly of
      the gaul's spiritualism in 'de bellum..' but the title explicates his
      viewpoint, that of the conquerer. yet he studied them profoundly for
      his own use. born-agians come into a faith that is already running on
      empty, a hopeless frankenstein's monster of older histories, forms of
      faith, philosophies and divine knowledge that tried pitifully to
      claim that everything obviously preceeding it is both false and
      created later. it's like saying scientists buried the dinosaur
      fossils and perpetuated fraud because they don't fit your very
      arbitrary world view. get out of bible class and read more than
      what's on the comtemporary christian author's list. not only do they
      not have an exlusive on truth, they actually squelch it whenever
      possible. christianity only ever reached us because it was a
      convenient tool of power and manipulation for constantine.

      --- In demonologyandtheoccult@yahoogroups.com, bluecranefist
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > The oral tradition of the flood that was penned by Moses predates
      > Pagan explanation. In fact, it was the king Nimrod who first began
      > twist the oral history of the flood that Jehovah caused. How do we
      > know that it was Jehovah that performed the flood? Because He set
      > bow in the sky as a covenant with Noah that He would never flood
      > Earth again. Both trees were not deadly. One was the tree of life
      > the other was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God
      > banished Adam and Eve so that they could not eat of the first tree
      > after eating the second or they and their seed would be eternally
      > doomed. It was an act of love from God to man that He gave the
      > sacrifice for their sin in blood and He did the final job at the
      > cross that breaks the power of sin. Again, it all goes back to the
      > power. To be truthful mankind can endlessly speculate in a "he
      > said /she said" sort of debate. However God has proven His gospel
      > with signs wonders and power that the pagan gods can not do. This
      > what sets Christianity apart from all other teachings. This is why
      > Christianity does not sit upon the same shelf as other religions.
      > Funny you should mention the crusades and the inquisition though.
      > Question: exactly how many Jews and Christians were martyred by
      > Pagans? Have you ever heard that Nero fiddled while Rome burned?
      > did he falsely blame the fire on? How about the Pagans that plagued
      > the Jews? The Egyptians who enslaved the Jews until God showed
      > Himself strong on their behalf? To say that Pagan have ever been
      > better than Roman Catholicism is simply ignoring the truth of
      > history. Also the crusades and the inquisition was performed by the
      > Roamn Church that is itself deeply Pagan. (ie:the worship of Mary
      > dead saints for instance)
    • liralen2002
      Actually I think a lot of us in the group feel like this. I, on the other hand, think the person is such a loser they don t deserve an answer and should have
      Message 31 of 31 , Jun 25 5:10 AM
        Actually I think a lot of us in the group feel like this.

        I, on the other hand, think the person is such a loser they don't
        deserve an answer and should have been kicked off the group a long
        time ago.

        *sometimes block buttons should be in yahoogroups*

        --- In demonologyandtheoccult@yahoogroups.com, residentloser
        <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > This message is for "bluecranefist" in the past you have proven
        > and over again that you are not tolerant of others but tried to
        > convince them that your Christian point of view is right.
        > First of all God may be male or female, may be both or non. But
        > regardless of what is God (I will refer to god as "it" for sake of
        > argument) it is greater than anything and therefore no human even
        > those that have and the ones that claim to speak on his behalf can
        > truly understand. Therefore to say that one says that God mean to
        > a certain thing is to equal one self with its thinking, therefore
        > equaling your self with it. But no one can be equal to that, that
        > greater.
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