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Re: [delmarvastargazers] Tonight

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  • Dave Short
    Hello Everyone, Just want to add that there were several meteor sightings. Good lead in to Doug s talk at the next meeting. Pat saw a couple. Believe Doug
    Message 1 of 124 , Oct 30, 2010
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      Hello Everyone,

      Just want to add that there were several meteor sightings. Good lead in
      to Doug's talk at the next meeting. Pat saw a couple. Believe Doug and
      Chuck saw one or two. I saw two. Both of mine were coming from the
      Lyra. Recent article said that Comet Hartley might spawn a small shower
      on Tuesday night with Cygnus as the radiant. Don't know if we were
      seeing a prelude.

      Also, don't know how many saw the S&T web announcement of the Great
      World Wide Star Count. If you can see the Northern Triangle, you can
      participate. Too cloudy from my place tonight but try again later in
      the week.

      Dave Short

      On 10/30/10 12:53 PM, Chuck Jennings wrote:
      > Hi Folks,
      > We had a great time observing last night at Blackbird. Doug was the
      > 1st one to the field (to claim his precious "spot"), followed by me,
      > Dave, Cal, and Patrick. The daytime clouds initially cleared at dusk
      > and we started working our lists at nightfall. Dave showed off his
      > new Celestron 8" SCT to the crew and the view through the EP looked
      > excellent. Cal had his 10" SCT ready to go and began imaging Jupiter.
      > The transparency was excellent and I was picking off galaxies in
      > Pegasus. The views were great and star colors very vivid. By around
      > 8:30 - 9:00 some cloud patches started to roll in which had minimal
      > affect on observing, but took the focus off our list objects. That
      > however, opened the door for some astro improvisation which made for a
      > really fun evening. Doug broke out the 20x80 binos and we all shared
      > views of the double cluster, M31, M33, M27, muscleman cluster, as well
      > as a few others. We then moved on testing out various EPs in my 16".
      > Doug's 24 Pan and TMB 9mm 100 deg gave us some spectacular views in my
      > scope. M27 and M57 looked great. Very large and bright showing nice
      > color due to the transparent skies. But I think the winner had to be
      > M15. It was simply amazing in the TMB 9mm. Outer stars almost to the
      > edge of the FOV, very bright, pinpoint, and resolved to the core. We
      > ended the night with the veil nebula and left around 11:15 as we all
      > had early morning plans.
      > Objects Observed (Chuck):
      > M13
      > M31
      > M11
      > 7479
      > 7448
      > 7626/7619
      > 7556
      > 7217
      > 7177
      > M27
      > M33
      > M15
      > 288
      > 253
      > M1
      > Veil Neb
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      > I'll be there. Early. Will hang there until the cows go out to
      > pasture. It's a good bet I'll be there when you arrive, just in case
      > Chuck wimps out early like he usually does.
      > Doug
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      > *Subject: *Re: [delmarvastargazers] Tonight
      > chuck,
      > I might be able to get there after 9:00, could you text, or
      > call me if you go?
      > Patrick
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      > *Subject:* [delmarvastargazers] Tonight
      > Is anyone planning on observing tonight? I'm thinking
      > blackbird.......any takers?
      > -Chuck
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    • Don Surles
      PJàgreat newsletteràsee y all in september. someone need to write a song about see y all in september Donà ... PJàgreat newsletteràsee y all in
      Message 124 of 124 , Aug 17, 2014
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        PJ…great newsletter…see y'all in september.

        someone need to write a song about "see y'all  in september"


        On Aug 17, 2014, at 11:16 AM, Paul Riley dmsg_pjr@... [delmarvastargazers] wrote:


        the September issue of Star Gazer News is available for download.
        Members can download here:
        Nonmembers can also download to see what the StarGazers are all about.

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