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  • Chuck Jennings
    Thanks for the links Doug, and I support your nudging of the group.  You ve got a great perspective on observing diff types of objects.  I learn a lot. 
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 9, 2010
      Thanks for the links Doug, and I support your "nudging" of the group.  You've got a great perspective on observing diff types of objects.  I learn a lot.  BTW...it's still raining ;-)
      - Chuck 

      From: Douglas Norton <dnorton618@...>
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      I haven't posted observing reports in quite some time. I have a notebook filled with observations but I hadn't jotted down any reports for the group. I'd like to start writing a few lines about what objects I have observed that are off the beaten path for others to try to find. I can add what I have jotted down in my notes. It was nice to show Chuck a few things he hadn't seen before so maybe I could give folks a bit of a nudge to look at some things that are usually overlooked. It seems most of the folks I see out observing have scopes far bigger than mine so if I can see it, you can see it.
      Double stars are another thing I try to encourage people to observe. Just because the moon is out doesn't mean it's time to pack up and go home. I'll throw in a few of them for good measure too.
      P.S. Chuck, here's the link to the books we were talking about last night: http://www.willbell .com/handbook/ nitesky.htm These will help you decide what objects to take a look at. These books are one of the most valuable field guides.
      Doug Norton
      dnorton618@yahoo. com
      http://www.douglasn orton.com

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      Thanks Doug, sorry I couldn't make it.
      I bet Paul would love to put this report in the newsletter. We're an astronomy club, it would be great to have some observing reports in our newsletter too.


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      > Observing tonight at Blackbird was quite nice. The atmosphere was heavy and swimming at times but overall the seeing was pretty darn good. Don and Chuck also showed up for a bit of observing.
      > First on the list was Venus. A good test of the transparency of the evening. It was swimming. But it was low in the west. We waited for dark and started with globulars.
      > I started with M92. Worked my way over through M13, M3 and M5. Good gauges for how transparent the sky will be. Then I moved on to some double stars. In Hercules 95 Her was just awesome. Alpha Her stood up well.
      > I then moved on to some off the beaten path objects. I wanted to find some Planetary Nebulae. I star hopped to NGC6575 in Ophiuchus first. Nearly stellar only giving itself away by its strong aqua green color. Higher magnifications showed that it was non-stellar. NGC6210 in Hercules was a bit bigger and easier to spot in the eyepiece. It also showed a blue/green color and It would have been much better in a steadier atmosphere. But it was still amazing. The night was very wet and dew formed on everything quickly. Skyglow was really bad in the east with lots of moisture in the air.
      > We all packed up a bit early. Clouds were coming and going and the atmosphere got progressively worse. I left around 1am.
      > Doug
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